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5 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

If you’re looking for ways to make money from your website, installing one of these free WordPress affiliate plugins is a great start. Even though Amazon is one of the most generally used affiliates, there are a variety of other possibilities to choose from. Every successful business has a referral program that allows you to earn money for referring your friends and family. Passive income is what we’re all aiming for.

Affiliate Marketing

Why is affiliate marketing so complicated? It’s simplest to say that you’re paid a commission for every sale or lead you to generate by promoting the products and services of other firms. Commissions might range from 3 percent to 50 dollars, 60 percent, and even more. For every sale of $100 goods, you’ll get $60 in your bank account. There is no need for customer service, inventory management, or packing with this option.

For what purpose do corporations have affiliate programs? Aside from handing out commissions to their affiliates every other week or month, it doesn’t take any effort on their part to make money. Don’t forget that this can be done automatically. The organization is in a great position to earn a lot of money with very little effort. There are still additional things to be done, but we’ll cover those in another article. It is safe to say that a referral program is a long-term plan that is likely to continue for many years.

Let’s have a look at the free WordPress affiliate plugins if you’re a webmaster or a product owner. In addition to making your affiliate links seem nice, you can also keep tabs on your affiliates and manage them. Even though Amazon and book reviews are important for your promotion, we didn’t forget about them.

Start earning money right away by providing excellent products to your guests. Consider our affiliate marketing WordPress themes first if you’re just getting started with a website.

1. EasyAzon

EasyAzon is one of the best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress. It will help you get a higher Amazon Commission Rate, in addition to building your website’s credibility by adding unique product images and infoboxes.

EasyAzon is highly recommended for affiliate marketers that are just getting started. The tool offers the ability to add links to posts, pages, or product reviews instantly. You can also use this plugin to automatically localize your product links for visitors from different countries.

EasyAzon is also a great choice for its geographic linking feature, which enables you to optimize your Amazon links based on the location of your visitors. All you must do is add an Amazon affiliate link, and EasyAzon will convert it into a global link!

2. Affiliate Links Lite

Affiliate Links Lite is a free plugin that was created to help make the process of adding affiliate links to your WordPress website as easy as possible.

It does this by allowing you to create a database of affiliate links that you can then insert into your posts and pages via a shortcode. Once a link has been inserted into a post or page, it will be automatically updated for you if you ever change it in the main affiliate link database.

This feature makes it easy to update all your links if you’re an affiliate marketer who uses more than one merchant and needs to update their affiliate ID across multiple websites (and there are many other reasons why you might need to do this).

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The plugin also lets you customize the text or image used for the hyperlink, so you aren’t stuck using whatever the default linking option is provided by the merchant.

In addition, Affiliate Links Lite comes with built-in support for Amazon Associates, which lets you add product images directly from Amazon into your posts and pages without having to download them separately and upload them through WordPress.

3. Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager is a WordPress affiliate plugin that enables you to create and manage an affiliate marketing program for your website without any hassle. It comes with several features, including easy integration with other WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, and more. Moreover, it also provides a dashboard for managing affiliates to see the statistics of referrals and earnings.

Affiliates Manager provides full support to recurring commissions and supports several payment options like PayPal and bank transfers. All in all, this is one of the best WordPress affiliate plugins out there that’s worth trying out.

It has both free and premium versions. The free version lets you create an unlimited number of affiliates and offers limited features for managing and tracking referral links. However, the premium version includes extended features for managing affiliates’ referrals.

4. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is a plugin that can help you monetize your website. It helps you to cloak your affiliate links and manage them from one central location. You can automate the process of adding your affiliate links to content as well. ThirstyAffiliates helps you to increase the CTR (click-through rate) by using relevant keywords.

You can automate the process of adding your affiliate links to posts by using this plugin. It also has a feature of geolocation redirects, which helps you to redirect visitors to different URLs based on their locations. It also enables the import and export of affiliate links in bulk, which makes it easy to switch between different websites or hosts.

ThirstyAffiliates is compatible with some popular caching plugins, such as WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, so it will not impact the site’s performance at all.

5. Auto Affiliate Links

Auto Affiliate Links is a WordPress affiliate plugin that allows you to add affiliate links to your content automatically. You can choose how many times the link will be displayed and set the minimum and maximum length of the post where the link should be added.

You can also exclude specific words or phrases and specify custom synonyms for each link. It’s a great way to monetize content that is already published on your site without having to go back and manually add links.

Auto Affiliate Links isn’t just limited to internal linking, it’s also a powerful outbound link cloaking plugin. You can replace certain keywords in your posts with any URL you want, which makes it easy to monetize your blog by adding more affiliate links.


Best WordPress affiliate plugins to crush it in 2022. If you have been around the block, then you know how valuable a good affiliate plugin can be when it comes to scaling your business. Affiliate marketing is responsible for more clicks and sales than email marketing, SEO and PPC combined. We have reviewed what we believe to be the best WordPress affiliate plugins from a variety of angles to help save you time and money when making purchase decisions.