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How to Create a Video Membership Website in WordPress



How to Create a Video Membership Website in WordPress

Do you want to develop a WordPress video membership site that looks great and is simple to use?

Subscription-based video content and courses are an excellent method to monetize your website and make money.

Exams/quizzes, fee payments, renewals, and certificates are just a few of the many responsibilities.

Using a membership plugin is the best option. You won’t have to write a word of code or pay a developer to create a video membership site with all the bells and whistles.

Step-by-step instructions will be provided in this tutorial on setting up a video membership platform using WordPress.

A video subscription may be the best option for you and your objectives before anything else.

Reasons for creating a Video Membership Website

Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo allow you to make money off of your video material. Set up an online shop where you may sell your films.

On the other hand, a subscription-based membership site is a preferable option if you want a steady flow of cash and total control over it.

Subscription options allow you to divide a one-time payment into many installments and recurring payments. Because of this, your premium content may earn you a steady and regular revenue.

Set up a subscription-based pricing model that costs less than upfront investment. Because of this, your material is seen as more inexpensive by consumers.

You can keep in touch with your customers for a long time since they pay for their subscriptions regularly. This boosts your platform’s value and encourages additional subscribers to renew their subscriptions.

If you want to maintain a relationship with your audience over time, consider offering subscription videos. With this, you’ll be able to create solid partnerships and expand your enterprise.

With a large and engaged community, you’ll be able to learn more about your customers’ preferences. As a result, you’ll be able to continue to improve your material in the future.

Building a brand and being in charge of your marketing are both achievable goals. In addition, you won’t have to continually come up with fresh video material to suit the algorithmic requirements of YouTube.

You may use your current films to your advantage and spend the time necessary to produce high-quality material that your audience will like.

To help you get started, we’ll show you how to create a complete video membership site using WordPress.

A wide variety of membership plugins are available. You may choose a plugin that meets your requirements based on the sort of material you wish to limit. Check out our selection of the best WordPress membership plugins.

MemberPress WordPress Plugin

MemberPress is the most fantastic video subscription and premium content plugin.

Using the MemberPress plugin for WordPress, you can build a fully working membership website without writing any code.

Your video material can be easily restricted and membership tiers may be set up with MemberPress. Stripe, PayPal, and are among the payment gateways you may use to take recurring payments for your video subscriptions using this service.

You may also develop dynamic price pages with MemberPress, which aids your customers in making rapid purchasing selections. You may even link to third-party services like AWeber, MailChimp, and Constant Contact to expand your email list.

MemberPress has many important features, including Creating and marketing online courses for profit

  • Integrated dashboard for tracking and analyzing data
  • There are no limits to the number of members you may have.
  • Use bbPress to establish online communities
  • content dribbling is an option for releasing material at regular periods
  • Promoting video subscription sales via the use of promotional codes is an option available.

Members may easily be added and removed from the system with ease. You may check out our full MemberPress review for additional information.

Get started with the instruction now that you’ve decided on a membership plugin.

Step 1: Install and Activate the MemberPress Plugin

To begin, you’ll want to create a MemberPress account. The plugin’s price options cater to a wide range of company sizes and budgets.

After signing up for a plan, the plugin file and license key may be found under the Downloads page.

You will need to download and install the plugin file on your WordPress dashboard. When it comes to installing a WordPress plugin, you may check out our tutorial.

To activate MemberPress, go to MemberPress » Settings and input your license key in the License section.

To activate your account, click the Activate License Key button.

The next step is to configure your site for the MemberPress plugin. To do this, go to the settings and choose the Pages tab.

In this section, you may customize your thank you page, account page, login page, and more.

It’s now possible to set up payment alternatives for your video membership website’s subscription.

Step 2: Set Up Payment Methods

You can easily link MemberPress to popular payment processors like Stripe and PayPal to receive payments for your videos.

The MemberPress »Settings » Payments page may add a payment option and select a payment gateway. Additional payment methods may also be added.

Paying using a credit card, a debit card, or even a net banking account is possible with many of these payment gateways.

Make sure to select Update Options after you’ve finished setting up your payment options.

Step 3: Create Membership Levels

Your video membership site’s membership tiers will be organized next.

Multiple membership levels with variable cost, features, and access are possible with MemberPress. To make it easier for your viewers to pay for your video content.

The free plan, pro membership, and addons make this an excellent choice as well.

A new membership level may be created from the Admin panel by clicking Add New under MemberPress » Memberships.

In the editor, you’ll be able to enter a title and further information about the membership level. Pricing, billing type, access choices, and more may all be configured using the right-side menu.

Depending on the sort of video material you’re selling, you may either set up a one-time or recurring paying cycle.

The Membership Options may be found by scrolling down the text editor. This is where you set the membership level’s registration choices, rights, and pricing.

When you’re done, click the Publish button.

It’s possible to have as many membership levels in this manner.

You must now set up access rules for the various levels of membership that you have.

Step 4: Set Up Access Rules

You’ll need to establish access rules if you want to limit who can see your videos depending on their membership status. This lets you control how your members see various parts of your site.

For this purpose, go to MemberPress > Rules and click the Add New button.

Selecting various criteria and picking the material you wish to prohibit might help you create new rules.

We’ll add the access rule to all items with the premium tag in this tutorial. Select the membership level to which the access rule should be applied.

Setting up the content drip and expiry is the next step in the process. Using content drip, you can schedule the delivery of new material over time.

It’s also possible to set an expiry date for your video material.

You may then save your changes by clicking the Save Rule button. This procedure may be repeated an unlimited number of times.

Step 5: Create Members Only Video Content 

You can upload your video material for members now that you’ve set up membership tiers and access limits.

Create a new page or post on your WordPress website to upload a video. Look for the Video block in the post editor.

Then, under the left-hand menu, upload your movie and adjust the video parameters. Your video may be autoplay, looped, or muted, and the embedded video’s playback controls may even be placed on the video’s front end.

You need to add the tag to limit the video content in the post settings.

You’ll need to apply the same tag to this article since we’ve applied access restrictions to all material with the premium tag.

As a result, the video will only be available to those members who join up at that membership level.

The MemberPress Unauthorized Access section is located at the bottom of the post editor. The non-members who attempt to view this post will see what you’ve put up here.

You may leave the default settings in place or customize them to suit your needs. Next, upload the video to your website and share it with the world.

The This Post is Protected notification will appear on the editor once the post has been published. In addition to the members, you can examine the post’s access rule and membership levels.

Step 6: Create a Pricing Page

Create a price page for your video membership site so that visitors can learn more about the plans and join up.

Click on the Add New button under the MemberPress » Groups tab in the admin dashboard to create new groups.

It would help if you started by giving this section of your site a name. You may call it a Pricing Plan or anything like that. You’ll find Group Options at the editor’s foot, where you may organize several membership tiers.

For displaying your price plans, MemberPress provides a wide variety of pre-built layouts. This allows you to create a price page in just a few minutes!

If you want to see how your price page will appear on your website, you may preview the group. You may publish your premium membership plans after you’ve finished putting them up.

To sign up for a plan, you’ll need to lead any unauthorized users to the price page of your site. Return to the MemberPress » Groups page and copy the URL of your newly formed price group.

Next, access the MemberPress » Settings page and choose the Pages tab from the drop-down menu.

Check the Redirect illegal visitors to a specified URL option in the Unauthorized Access area by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Select the Update Options button and paste the price group URL once you’ve done that.

You may now send people to your price page if they haven’t joined up for the video material you’ve put out.

Step 7: Add Signup and Login Forms

To finish setting up your WordPress video membership site, you must complete one last step. Signup and login forms should be included on your site to make your video material more available to your visitors.

You may add your price page to your website’s menu as a first step.

Click on the Groups tab in the left-hand column of Appearance » Menus. Afterward, click on the Add to the Menu option and pick your price page.

To modify the order of the menu, drag it up or down, then click on Save Menu to save your changes.

Members who have already signed up for your membership plans will need to use the login forms you’ve included. To get started, go to Appearance » Widgets in your WordPress dashboard.

The Membership Login widget may be added to your website’s sidebar here. To access the members’ section, a member must first log in to their account.

Finally, you’ve completed the process of adding the login page and price page to your website.

Look at how simple that was! Using MemberPress, you won’t have to use shortcodes or coding to personalize your site.

In Conclusion

WordPress makes it easy to set up a whole video membership site. Unlimited membership tiers and regulations restricting your premium video material are also at your disposal. In addition, you can set up a paywall with the plugin, making it easy to sell movies on your WordPress membership site.

OptinMonster is an excellent video membership site plugin. In terms of lead generation, it’s the finest option for WordPress websites.

A content locker in OptinMonster allows you to conceal premium content while still displaying a registration form. Visitors that subscribe will get access to all of your premium blog posts, news articles, and videos.

Aside from that, OptinMonster allows you to convert site visitors into subscribers and customers by offering eye-catching option campaigns. Pop-up alerts, floating bars, welcome mats, discount wheels, and more may also be created.

That’s it for today; we hope you learned something new about using WordPress to create a video membership site.

Utibe-Abasi is a digital marketing expert with 8+ years of experience in inbound and outbound marketing. He helps small businesses like Koolwire Media achieve their goals in content creation, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising. His interests include reading, writing, gym, walking, and traveling.

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