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How to Create a Website With Zero Design Knowledge

“How to create a website?” is one of the most frequently asked questions among entrepreneurs who take their business from the physical to the virtual environment. There are several ways to answer this question, but the answer is not always simple.

Although the most common way to develop a website is WordPress together with its numerous plugins, this way requires a lot of specification and knowledge about several areas of design. In addition to, of course, requiring a certain investment.

The simplest solution is to use web development tools, which usually bring numerous utilities with them. You don’t need to hire numerous plugins and services, and most of their tools are automated.

In short, web development tools are the fastest and cheapest way to create a website if you have no design experience! Follow the details below.

What is needed to create a website with web development tools?

  • Domain registration

This function is for you to have your address for your website. For your domain to be successful, it needs to be unique, personalized, and have a trusted finisher.

Put your business name on your domain so that it has exactly your identity: McDonalds.com; Facebook.com, UXtheme.net. Your customer needs to know what your business is about before they even access your website, so demonstrate what your brand is up front, at your website address.

If your business name is too generic, your competitors may already be using a similar address. So, if that’s your case, it’s time to rework the identity of your business.

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As for trusted finishers, we talk about “.com”, “.org”, or “.net”. These are the most common extensions, so try to use them when registering your site.

  • Web Hosting service

Many companies lend space on their servers so that your website can occupy it. This is what we call a web hosting service.

Usually, companies offer these services through a monthly plan, which means that their website has a cost to maintain.

  • Template (WordPress Theme)

This is the website design: header, footer, graphics, writing, animated, etc. It is what brings out the beauty and “professionalism” of the site (in terms of appearance). Also, a good template contributes to a better user experience.

  • Page builder

Tools to edit and add content to your website pages. It is a feature that complements the template, as it allows you to add informative elements to your website design, making your space professional.

How to create a website without having to understand and invest a lot in all these aspects?

That’s where web development tools come in. Good tools let you have all these features at once. An excellent website builder can offer you:

  • Domain registration
  • Web hosting service
  • Templates (e.g WordPress Themes) developed by designers
  • Page builder with drag and drop function
  • Artificial intelligence that helps you create content
  • Page security service
  • Logo developer

In Conclusion

It’s not necessary to have a deep understanding of design when using web development tools like this, as they don’t require any coding knowledge or understanding of the graphic and written content layout. Templates cover this need and allow you to focus on your sales strategies to optimize your company’s earnings. Create your website now and start your e-commerce today.