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How to Generate the Best Topics for Your Blog

Lack of Topic Ideas?

As a blogger, a freelance writer, or even a curator, the inspiration to create or develop new content ideas can sometimes be lacking. We live in a generation where content is key. To keep a website or a blog alive, blogposts must be updated relentlessly.

There are ways in which ideas can be generated intentionally to improve the quality of one’s website content.

Content Development Tips

What do we then do when the urge for creativity dwindles? Well, from experience one can apply one of these techniques listed below to quickly solve this problem.

Rebranding your niche

If you ever run out of topics to write about, then maybe it is time for you to rebrand your niche. For instance, if you are into the cryptocurrency niche and you mostly write about Bitcoin and the latest happenings in the crypto world. It might be wise to consider writing about new sensations such as NFTs, De-Fi projects, etc.

Writing reviews

Regardless of the niche, there are always products, services, or even personalities to talk about. Examining and writing opinionated articles on such products is a very good way to keep readers engage and update one’s website regularly. A perfect example is a tech writer highlighting objective opinions and observations about the latest gadgets, a particular software, or tools.

You would be surprised to see how much magic writing one’s likes and dislikes about products, services, companies, and even popular figures can do. Although such posts might be very subjective they open the door to flex the words that form content.

Writing answers as articles (‘How To’ articles)

Finding solutions to people’s problems is another effective way to create content. Being on the lookout for problems that people are facing especially in one’s particular niche is cool. Observing different sites such as Quora, Twitter, Facebook, popular forums and the comment section of popular blogs is an advanced way of noticing problems.

A crypto writer would create articles on ‘how crypto enthusiasts can recognize fake or scam projects, how to carry our airdrops, how to farm or stake etc. A tech writer can write about how to do certain things on a mobile phone, how to explore the special features on their mobile devices. Etc. The idea is to compose a write-up to a common problem.

Write about the trends in your niche

Using social media, one can find the trends and the center of discussion in one’s writing category. Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are the best tools for this. Using the trending tool function, the latest happenings around the world can be discovered. This is one of the coolest methods of finding content ideas.

Creating sequels for the best articles

Truth be told, there are some existing articles on the website that are highly engaging, and worth creating follow-ups for. These articles can be updated as new articles with updated information. There is a high possibility that there are new developments that surrounds such articles. It would not be a bad idea to create new articles while referencing the old ones as an inbound link. An example is creating a new post about “Meta” to explain that is the new name of Facebook.

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Write inspiring stories (in your niche)

Of course, you might be wondering. I am not a motivational or an inspirational writer, how do I write motivational and inspirational stories? Well, it is quite easy. Write about personal experiences. The type of niche doesn’t matter, there will always be an experience to share.

If you are a crypto enthusiast, there should be a story about how you made a certain amount in profit or how you incurred some losses. You may have fallen victim to a scam project or almost did. Share your experience, let your readers learn.

A coffee niche writer can write about the way he makes his coffee under different circumstances, a tech writer can share a funny story about how he struggled with a certain gadget or tool and how he was able to find a solution.

There are no limitations to these types of writing. You can write about other people’s stories as well. The idea is to share stories that lessons can be drawn.

Latest Technology Projects

The world is fast transforming. The effect of technology is being felt in all categories in this present age.  There are always plugins and tools for a WordPress blogger to utilize. As a writer, some tools enhance the writing process. As a bricklayer, there are the latest designs and equipment that smoothen operations. Mention the field, there would always be some sort of technological advancement that can be written about.

The task here is to stay updated to keep one’s audience informed as recently as possible.

Research, Read and Write

This is the concluding part of this piece. if you’re a good observer, you’ll notice that the header here is slightly different from the others. The reason is that it is as valid as a lone header as much as the rest of the prior headings. To properly execute the other parts, one has to research and read judiciously before writing objectively.

When you run out of ideas, running a simple thing as a Google Search can spark ideas to write about. Don’t forget that to write objectively, the will to research must be ignited. Also, proofread like you’re one of your audiences. Happy Blogging!