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Review of Aura: Is It the Best Identity Theft Protection Service?



Review of Aura - Is It the Best Identity Theft Protection Service?


Are you looking for the finest solution to secure your financial and personal information, as well as your identity? Do you want to know whether Aura is the finest solution for preventing identity theft?

To keep your personal information, securely online, Aura is a strong identity theft prevention and security platform. Identity verification, personal and Social Security Number (SSN) and credit monitoring, antivirus, a virtual private network (VPN), and other solutions are included.

Here, we’ll examine all the features, prices, and other aspects of Aura to see whether it’s the best option for preventing identity theft.

To make it easier for you to find your way through our extensive review of Aura, we’ve included a table of contents below.

What is Identity Theft?

To commit fraud, your personal or financial information is stolen in the process of “identity theft.” Your personal information is at risk when someone steals your identity and uses it to open new accounts, get credit, or even conduct crimes for which you are legally accountable.

The majority of individuals wind up having to pay for the damage and lose a significant amount of money as a result of a lawsuit. When Hari Ravichandran, the CEO of Aura, was a victim of identity theft in 2014, he decided to do something about it.

Identity theft protection and digital security technologies are not accessible when his credit information is stolen.

Aura was established to deliver the greatest all-around security solution for everyone. Identity monitoring, financial fraud prevention, mobile device security, and network security are all included in the Aura package.

In the following sections, we’ll discuss Aura’s characteristics and advantages.

Overview of Aura

Digital security measures are included as part of Aura’s all-in-one identity theft and fraud prevention services. It has an easy-to-use web-based interface so that all users may get started without any difficulty.

Aura provides a wide range of monitoring services, including identity verification, personal information, social security number tracking, criminal records monitoring, and many more, to keep an eye on your privacy and secure your identity.

Every second, it searches the internet, public records, and the dark web for anything that can implicate you. It alerts you instantly if it discovers that your personal information has been hacked.

Aura features a sophisticated credit monitoring tool that alerts you to any changes in your credit report. An Experian score is also shown to you every month, as well as a score from the other main agencies.

In addition, it keeps an eye on your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts. As a result, you’re shielded from any potentially harmful transactions.

Aura also provides $1 million in lost wallets and identity theft insurance. As a result of fraud and scams, this helps you get back on your feet.

With Aura’s digital protection services, you can rest easy knowing that your online transactions and electronic gadgets are protected. Password security, antivirus, and a virtual private network (VPN) are all available via the platform.

Individuals, couples, and families of all sizes will enjoy Aura. It has three different price tiers: Basic, Total, and Ultimate, with a monthly fee as low as $10.

For financial fraud and digital security services, Aura is the finest in the industry at a glance. Aura’s features and tools will be discussed in further depth in the following sections.

Features of Aura

Aura is much more than a simple solution for preventing identity theft. Along with security and device protection features, it provides identity verification and financial tracking. Depending on the package you choose, you may be able to access additional features.

Each of the features will be examined in detail so that you can choose which ones are necessary to keep your personal information safe.

1. Identity Monitoring 

Personal information may be used in a variety of ways by hackers and cybercriminals. They can establish false social media accounts and sell your personal information to brokers.

Aura scours the web to see whether your name has been used for any illegal activity. The following are the primary data sources it keeps track of:

  • Advertisers, search engines, and others use data broker lists, which include information on millions of individuals, to target their advertising campaigns. This is how advertisements and robocalls are obtained. Please delete your information from these lists as requested by Aura.
  • Dark Web: This is a section of the internet where users may remain anonymous and utilize your data for criminal purposes. Using Aura’s services, you may find out whether your personal information is being used for illicit purposes.
  • Aura even scans the internet for updates to house titles to keep tabs on criminal and judicial records. You’ll be alerted if your name is found in such public records.

Whenever an identity thief uses your personal information to establish a new account, Aura gives you an alert.

2. Identity Theft Protection

Aura’s identity monitoring services are designed to keep your personal information safe. They include:

  • A service that monitors your personal information to see whether it’s being misused by someone else, such as your social security number or email address.
  • Monitors the internet for transactions made using your social security number and warns you when someone else does the same.
  • If someone tries to transfer your property without your permission, Aura will alert you.
  • If somebody attempts to modify your postal address, you’ll be warned immediately.
  • In many cases, criminals use other people’s identities to do unlawful acts.
  • Criminal and Court Records Monitoring: If Aura spots your name in any of these crimes or judicial records, it will notify you immediately.
  • Your name, date of birth, email address, and phone number may all be added to Aura as a means of verifying your identity.

When this data is utilized without your permission, you may set up a personalized watchlist and be alerted.

3. Real-time Data Breach Alerts

Anybody can become the victim of identity theft. It doesn’t matter how much you care when it comes to protecting your personal information. Your personal information may be compromised at any time. Even worse, you may not be aware of it.

As a result, Aura keeps tabs on your online activity and alerts you as soon as anything suspicious occurs.

Constantly scans public and private databases to determine if your personal information has been leaked. You’ll also be notified if your finances or credit are altered without your consent.

4. Financial Fraud Protection

Besides protecting your personal information, Aura also helps you avoid financial fraud. It keeps tabs on all of your financial activities and accounts, big and small. There are a variety of options, including:

To monitor your bank account, you may provide your account number, address, and email. Afterward, Aura will alert you if a new account holder attempts to take over your account.

Aura allows you to monitor several credit and debit card accounts. As a result, you’ll get immediate notifications if your debit or credit cards are used unusually.

Aura notifies you if your financial information is being used to conduct high-risk transactions so that you may confirm that you are aware of this. Account openings, tax refunds, and wire transactions are all examples of this.

As more individuals enroll in retirement plans and programs, watching their 401(k) and investment account balances is vital. Set up choices for tracking your investment account if you have one as well.

Aura is a fantastic option if you have online accounts and often purchase online, such as on Amazon or other e-commerce sites.

5. Credit Monitoring

Aura also maintains tabs on your credit report with the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

Using these three credit bureaus, you can be sure you are getting accurate and dependable information. You’ll be able to catch any alterations to your credit data quickly and stop any fraudulent activity in its tracks.

You may get a free copy of your credit report each year by logging into the credit monitoring account. All three credit reporting agencies will be contacted by Aura to get your credit reports.

The VantageScore 3.0 is used to calculate your monthly credit score. To be regarded as excellent, the score must fall between the range of 300-849.

Credit bureaus TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax collaborated to create the VantageScore.

Lenders use it to assess a borrower’s suitability for a loan. A variety of characteristics, such as credit balance, payment history, and behavior, are considered while calculating these ratings.

Credit Lock and Freeze

As a result, other identity theft protection services don’t provide Aura’s functionality, which is unique. It’s a service that lets you put a lock on your credit reports.

Many firms require a fee to lock your credit file, even if you may freeze it for free elsewhere. Aura, on the other hand, allows you to accomplish both at no additional expense.

By securing your Experian credit file, you can guard against identity theft and other forms of fraud. Other bureaus’ credit records may also be frozen for further security.

6. Online and Device Security

Aura’s digital and online security capabilities are one of the reasons to choose it. Passwords and other confidential information may be safeguarded with these techniques.

All Aura plans include the following services. In terms of how many devices you can use them on, there is just one distinction.

  • Aura delivers a robust device and Wi-Fi network protection software in terms of Wi-Fi security.
  • Military-grade encryption is used to safeguard your internet connection via the usage of a VPN (a virtual private network). It’s safe to use the internet and conduct online transactions no matter where you are.
  • An antivirus program included within the Aura app stops malware, ransomware, Trojans, and other infections from infecting your phone or tablet. This prevents you from falling victim to phishing and scams.
  • Password Manager: A password manager is provided to all premium users. It’s a safe location to save all your login credentials and passwords. This implies that you don’t have to keep track of all of your passwords anymore.

Customer Service for Aura

Customer service at Aura is among the finest in the industry, and they react quickly to any issues you may have. It provides all clients with round-the-clock phone and email service.

Detailed answers to frequently asked questions may be found in the FAQ area of the website. As a result, users may quickly learn about the dangers of identity theft and how to safeguard their personal information.

In Conclusion

You won’t get the same privacy and security for your sensitive info anywhere. As a result, Aura is the best solution for preventing identity theft right now. Individuals and families may choose from various affordable and flexible pricing options to meet their specific needs. Individuals may get started for as little as $10 a month when paying every year.

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