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Things to Consider When Building a Website on Wix

Creating a website on Wix is ​​a very popular way that companies and institutions choose to start their digital presence. But does this platform have what you need to create an amazing website? Wix has powerful features for anyone building their first website, but there are a few caveats you should be aware of before signing up and publishing on the platform.

Among the advantages of creating a website on Wix is ​​the fact that the platform is very didactic and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to edit and activate a website even without knowing how to program and develop it. On the other hand, the templates can be well plastered and there are limitations in the use of the free version, such as the absence of a domain in the website’s URL. In this article, we are going to list out aspects that you need to consider before creating your website using Wix, follow along!

1. Make a good plan

Wix makes it easy to get started, create a webpage and publish it. But before starting, you need to stop and think about what your business needs. Good planning before building a website will help you understand if Wix is ​​capable of meeting your needs.

Make lists of goals and expectations that your company has about the website. Consider aspects such as how the content will be structured, the target audience, and how often the page needs to be updated.

In addition, you need to consider pricing, SEO optimizations, and possibilities to apply essential Google tools like Analitycs, which can guide your marketing decisions in the future.

2. Development costs

Wix is ​​a popular platform mainly because it is free. But it is important to note that this free service has its limitations

3. Customization of the Wix Website

Wix has several theme options and design possibilities, however, it is limited for deploying custom tools because it does not allow access to the source code.

Also, it’s very important to have mobile versions of your site, but Wix templates aren’t automatically responsive, so you’ll need to modify elements of your mobile site just as you would on a desktop.

4. Website maintenance

These days, simply having the website up and running on the internet is not enough. It is necessary to keep your website up to date to boost your company’s image on the web. Many organizations fail to keep their websites up to date without realizing that they may be losing credibility, contacts, and conversions.

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The maintenance of a website is necessary to review functionality, design, services, and communication and should be part of the agenda of developers and the entire company. However, if you want to create a website on Wix, you will have to consider that its maintenance will be carried out only by the platform, with a dependency to make system updates.

5. Limited Website Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization ( SEO) is responsible for the good placement of your website in the search results ranking on Google and other search engines. Wix has SEO limitations, and while it has come a long way in recent years to improve, there are still many shortcomings.

In addition, the sitemap that Wix provides is standard and this is a big problem for SEO strategies, as there is no way to customize and optimize the structure that Google sees on your site.

6. Wix Technical Support

In the free version, Wix offers chatbot and phone support, and the response time and troubleshooting can be significant. To have personalized service and faster response time, the user should consider having a Premium account.

7. Project growth

Having a website that works implies, in addition to its well-planned creation, having proposals for projects to grow, that is, implementing improvements in design, features, user experience, among others. When creating a website on Wix, it is necessary to analyze whether the platform will be able to handle the project’s growth demands since there are fewer resources, plugins, and customization options.

8. Migration to other platforms

If you create a site on Wix and then decide to migrate to other platforms, it is important to consider the impossibility of taking the contents, having to redo the project from scratch.

In the long term, after the publication of your website, issues such as increasing your autonomy about the design and programming of your website and optimizing the ways to track access metrics, conversions, and lead acquisitions may arise and make it necessary to migrate the entire page for a more complete platform.

9. Successful websites with the Wix platform

It is not very common to find large company websites created by Wix and most likely this happens because of the platform’s rigidity in terms of development and design. Therefore, the platform ends up being more used by artists or professionals who want to create a portfolio.