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4 Best WordPress Media Library Management Plugins 2022

Best WordPress Media Library Management Plugins

Are you looking for a way to manage images and multimedia in WordPress? Do you want a plugin that can help you do this with minimal effort? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to look at the best WordPress media library management plugins available right now.

Media library management is an important part of a WooCommerce store. A well-designed media library can increase user engagement and conversions as it improves your store’s usability.

However, managing the media library in WordPress isn’t always an easy task due to the lack of features (especially when it comes to setting large images). That’s why there are many plugins designed for image management in WordPress.

Some of the best WordPress media library management plugins offered are listed below:

WordPress Media Library Management Plugins

Below are some of the WordPress Media Library Management Plugins:

1. FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders

FileBird is the WordPress media library management plugin that helps you create unlimited folders and subfolders to organize thousands of images in a snap. You can easily drag and drop files or images into folders or subfolders. It’s simple, quick, no-brainer!

The plugin also allows you to rename, delete, and upload new photos directly from your WordPress dashboard without having to go back and forth between tabs. This will save you tons of time and bring sheer convenience while uploading or managing multiple media files.

The interface is clean and neat; it looks like the typical Windows File Explorer interface. You can even add a password to your folders to protect them from prying eyes. There’s also a handy search box feature so you can find specific files/images easily.

FileBird is 100% compatible with WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor Page Builder, WooCommerce, and many more popular plugins. The plugin is free to download and use on your website, but there’s also a premium version with additional features like a media gallery for folder viewing, adding unlimited subfolders, setting up custom image sizes for folder thumbnails, etc
Media Library Assistant

With the Media Library Assistant plugin, you can easily edit, categorize, and manage your media. This will help you to find your files more quickly.

You will be able to use the plugin’s advanced features to organize the media according to your convenience.

The plugin makes it easy for you to change metadata and titles of images in bulk. The default WordPress Media library doesn’t offer such features; therefore the Media Library Assistant is a perfect addition to your site.

You can organize your media files by author, title, taxonomy term, file name, or any number of other ways. You can also bulk edit your files and perform simple tasks like adding titles and descriptions to all the files in a folder at once. The plugin also comes with the ability to tag your files with taxonomy terms, so you can create detailed organization systems that are easy to navigate.

FileBird - WordPress Media Library Folders

2. Folders – WordPress Media Library Folders

Media Library Folders is a great plugin for organizing your media library into folders. This is a very powerful plugin with a lot of advanced features to help you manage your WordPress files.

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With Media Library Folders, you can drag-and-drop files and folders to organize them in the media library. You can also create new folders in the library and move or copy multiple media files at once.

The plugin comes with many features to help you sort out your media library. You can use different filters to find specific kinds of files in your library. You can then export any file or folder to different formats or share them with others.

You can also edit your files directly from the media manager, including the ability to rename, delete, copy or move files between folders. It’s even possible to clone entire folders and their contents in one click.

Folders - WordPress Media Library Folders

3. FooGallery – WordPress Media Library Folders

FooGallery is a WordPress gallery plugin that’s designed to be simple and easy to use, so you can spend more time creating great-looking galleries.

This flexible plugin allows you to create beautiful galleries in minutes!

FooGallery provides a powerful engine for uploading, managing, and editing your image galleries. The plugin uses the default WordPress interface already familiar to millions of users around the world, so you can easily manage your galleries from one central location.

FooGallery has been built with performance in mind and features like Lazy Loading, Automatic Image Sizing & Infinite Scrolling will help you create beautiful galleries that don’t slow down your site.

FooGallery - WordPress Media Library Folders

4. Mediamatic Lite – WordPress Media Library Folders

Mediamatic is one of the best WordPress media library management plugins that allows you to organize your files in folders just like your operating system. It’s a powerful plugin with many advanced features.

An important feature of Mediamatic is that it creates virtual folders (not real folders on the disk). These virtual folders are stored in the WordPress database, and you can use them anywhere, even on other sites or localhost.

The plugin also comes with a drag & drop feature for moving files quickly. You can move multiple files at once.

Another useful feature of Mediamatic is that you can set a default folder for uploading media files. All future uploads will go directly to this folder (unless you change it).

In addition, you’ll get many more options such as bulk import folders, bulk import from other plugins, automatic file backup and restore, custom metadata fields, etc.

If you want an easy way to manage your WordPress media library, Mediamatic is a great choice.

Mediamatic Lite - WordPress Media Library Folders

In Conclusion

If you are searching for WordPress media library management plugins, help improve your digital marketing strategy and efficiently organize your media files, then the right solution can be found within this article. If you want to find what you need, you must be familiar with the different types of plugins and their features because each plugin serves a different purpose in organizing media files on your site.

To make the most use of your resources, new or experienced marketers should look for an all-in-one plugin that allows you to upload multimedia content, tag files for later use, and easily manage licenses.

With WordPress being one of the most popular content management systems today, there is no shortage of quality options to choose from when it comes to adding an easy-to-use media library management plugin to your WordPress website.