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4 Best WordPress Plugins to Accept Online Credit Card Payments

Are you seeking the finest WordPress plugin for accepting credit card payments?

The use of a credit card payment plugin allows you to integrate popular payment gateways on your WordPress website easily. Using this method, your consumers and clients will make online payments using their credit cards without any issues.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive list of the top WordPress plugins for accepting credit card payments.

Allow me to explain the significance of using a credit card payment plugin before getting started.

Why Use a Credit Card Payment Plugin for WordPress?

Credit cards have grown more popular as a method of online payment in the digital era since they are quicker and simpler to use. Customers may rest easy knowing their money is safe with this payment option. So, it’s no surprise that so many people use credit cards to pay for goods and services on the internet.

Adding credit card payments to WordPress through third-party providers may be expensive and time-consuming. However, there is a more straightforward solution.

If you want to take credit card payments on your WordPress website, several plugins are available. These plugins don’t charge you anything for your transactions except the costs charged by the payment gateway.

Many payments are made with a credit card. Using WordPress plugins, you can also design a polished checkout page. As a result, your visitors and users will have a better experience on your website.

You must, however, ensure that HTTPS/SSL is enabled on your website to take credit card payments securely.

Let’s look at some of the top WordPress credit card payment plugins.

Best WordPress Credit Card Payment Plugins 

Stripe, PayPal, Square, and other payment gateways allow you to take credit card payments.

These payment gateways may be integrated into your WordPress site using the payment plugins described below.

1. WP Simple Pay

Accepting credit card payments using WordPress has never been easier than WP Simple Pay. Connecting your website to numerous credit card processing services is a simple procedure. In addition to PayPal and Amazon Payments, there are many more.

You may accept credit cards for all kinds of purchases on your WordPress site with the help of WP Simple Pay. Customers may make one-time payments as well as recurring ones using this method.

Subscriptions may be set up, and price tiers can be added to your items. Donations may also have a predetermined payment amount selected by the donor.

Even better, you don’t have to touch a single line of code to do this. All you have to do is add a payment form template to your website and customize it to your specifications.

You don’t have to build a full-fledged shopping cart system to sell your items this way.

WP Simple Pay enables you to produce discount codes to advertise your items further. There are many options when it comes to establishing a discount % and regulation.


  • Intuitive drag and drop form builder
  • integration with Stripe
  • Custom fields and payment amounts are also available.
  • SCA (Secure Customer Authentication) is a feature that allows for secure transactions.
  • Designed to work on any device
  • Allow for a trial time
  • Easy-to-use credit card payment forms
  • Buttons for Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Coupons for items with a discount


The Personal Plan costs $99.50, while the Professional Plan costs $249.50. There’s a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

2. WPForms

WPForms is the ideal option for WordPress users who seek an easy method to collect credit card payments. Using this plugin, you may construct a wide range of different forms, such as those used for contacting your site visitors or registering for events.

There are more than 100 form templates in WPForms’ built-in template library. Create your unique designs by dragging and dropping elements onto the canvas.

It’s easy to use the plugin with common payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.net, and PayPal, thanks to included add-ons. Credit card payments may now be accepted on your payment forms.

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You don’t have to construct a full-fledged e-commerce site to sell your items with payment forms. Product catalog forms may be created by adding photos and pricing to your goods. As a result, your customers will be able to swiftly and efficiently choose goods and make payments using their credit cards.

Additionally, WPForms has a form notification tool that enables you to send out automatic emails in response to form submissions.

Custom messages may also be added to advise both the administrators and the customers of the payment details.


  • Templates for pre-built payment forms
  • Builder with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Sending an email to alert and confirm receipt
  • One-click payment through credit card
  • Spam prevention is built in.
  • Setting the currency is an option.
  • Powerful entry management and analytics


WordPress.org has WPForms Lite. At $39.50 per year, premium plans are the most cost-effective option.

3. Easy Digital Downloads

When it comes to accepting credit card payments for digital items, Easy Digital Downloads is the finest WordPress plugin.

The plugin includes a basic shopping cart with buttons for “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart.”. It allows you to create many product pages for your company, and you can even generate and manage various discount codes for your items, which is a nice feature to have.

You may use a credit card payment processor like Stripe or PayPal with Easy Digital Downloads. On-site payment alternatives are also available, allowing consumers to pay without having to leave the website they’re now on.

You may use an extension to enable recurring payments for your credit card transactions if you so choose. Like this, you may add more functionality to your website by using paid extensions.


  • No restriction to the number of files you may download.
  • Integrated customer service
  • In addition, you may download a log of your activities.
  • Processing and monitoring refunds is a snap.
  • “My Account” webpage is already constructed
  • Email marketing services integration
  • On-site and on-the-go checkouts provide conversion options for stored credit cards.
  • In addition, the ability to manually approve or reject payments is available.


For a single-site license, the Personal Plan costs $99.50 per year.

4. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the best option for individuals who want a professional eCommerce website. Using its robust features, you may sell any physical or digital goods on your WordPress website.

The core plugin for WooCommerce is available for free download from the WordPress source, which is fantastic. Your online shop may be customized to your liking with this free WordPress plugin.

When you install the plugin, you’ll have the choice to pick a payment processor. PayPal and Stripe are the default payment methods. For credit card payments, you may use Stripe. Once Stripe WooCommerce is installed, you may use the free Stripe WooCommerce addition.

Aside from that, WooCommerce has other features that make it simple to sell goods online. Billing, shipping, and inventory management are all integrated.

Other extensions, such as subscriptions and memberships, are also available for purchase.


  • Options that may be tailored to meet specific needs
  • Calculating costs is made easier with built-in shipping choices.
  • Reports and dashboards that are easy to understand
  • A method for keeping track of inventory.
  • Product pages that are optimized for search engines
  • Countless options for extensions, both free and paid


The plugin’s core code is available for free, and there are additional options for paid add-ons.

Which is the Best Credit Card Plugin for WordPress?

We’ve compiled a list of the top credit card payment plugins for WordPress. As a result, you have various options for your company’s needs.

The following are our top three recommendations if you’re still unsure about which one to choose:

  • There is no better plugin than WP Simple Pay when accepting credit cards for online purchases.
  • In terms of power, WPForms is the best option. In a matter of minutes, you can develop payment forms that accept credit card payments.
  • Easy Digital Downloads is an excellent option if you want to sell digital items and take credit card payments on your WordPress website.