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5 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Amazon is a popular online marketplace that sells everything from books to electronics, toys, apparel, and much more. The Amazon affiliate program is an easy way for website owners and bloggers to create an income online. By adding product links to your blog content, you can earn referral fees when visitors click on the links and make purchases at Amazon.

Amazon has millions of merchants and thousands of products available, so if you are a merchant or website owner, it’s easy to include Amazon affiliate links on your site. However, if you are using WordPress as your CMS, then some great plugins can help you manage and optimize your Amazon affiliate business. Here is our list of the Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins for 2022.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

These are the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins. Every Amazon affiliate plugin listed here has a video review so you can find out more about them.

1. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

The WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin is one of our favorites. It allows you to add products from the Amazon product catalog to your website without having to worry about inventory.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is fully compatible with the official WooCommerce plugin and can be used together with the WooCommerce plugin to create a powerful e-commerce store.

With this plugin, you can easily add affiliate links for Amazon products on your website and earn commissions when users make a purchase.

The plugin supports multiple currencies, so you can use it even if you don’t have an account in the US. The plugin automatically converts prices from USD into your local currency when displaying them on your website.

A disadvantage of this plugin is that it doesn’t work with all Amazon sites. If your country’s Amazon site isn’t supported by the plugin, you won’t be able to use it for that country’s affiliate program.

2. WooZone – Amazon Associates Bundle Pack

WooZone is a great Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. It’s a little more expensive than other options, but it comes with a bundle of super useful add-ons.

This plugin allows you to import products from Amazon into your WooCommerce store, so you can earn commissions on sales. If you have a WooCommerce store selling related items, this is an easy way to increase your sales and revenue. You can also use this plugin as an upsell tool, which makes it one of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for upselling.

You can import product reviews from Amazon, which increases your credibility and trustworthiness. This makes it much easier for you to sell products through your site.

It also creates coupons automatically and adds them to products on your site, which will help drive conversions and sales.

3. WP Table Builder

The WP Table Builder is one of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins for building your data-driven comparison tables. It allows you to build tables from scratch by simply dragging and dropping the elements you need.

It’s a beginner-friendly plugin that allows you to build the table and add custom features like sorting, pagination, search, and more. You can also use a template and customize it to your needs.

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If you want to add your products to it, you can do so with ease as well. All you must do is enter your Amazon Product Advertising API keys and choose the product category. The amazing thing is that this plugin is completely free!

When you use WP Table Builder to design tables, you can rest assured that your content will look great on mobile and desktop platforms alike. Also included is a shortcode that allows you to place the table anywhere on your website. Affiliate marketers and specialized site owners who want to improve affiliate revenue will find this to be an ideal solution.

4. EasyAzon

EasyAzon provides Amazon affiliate marketers with a way to easily add links to the products they’re promoting. This plugin makes it easy to add images, comparison tables, and text links within your content, so you can create more compelling calls to action that are likely to get clicked.

Best of all, EasyAzon is compatible with many other Amazon affiliate plugins and is perfect for those who want complete control over their advertising.

To get started with EasyAzon, you’ll need a license for the full version. After you install and activate the plugin, you’ll need to set up your options via Settings > EasyAzon Pro. Then you can choose which modules you want to use by going to Settings > EasyAzon Pro Modules and clicking on the module name.

EasyAzon also offers a free 14-day trial, so you can try it out before deciding whether it’s right for your needs.

5. Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

The Amazon Product in A Post Plugin is an easy-to-use plugin that puts Amazon products into your blog post and lets you earn commissions on them. It works just like a regular WordPress plugin – you can download it for free and install it into your blog easily.

Once installed you can add products from the Amazons database using the easy-to-use search and product selection features of the plugin. You can then choose how many different products you want in each post, where the images should be placed, what size they should be, and what product information should be shown.

You have complete control over every aspect of how your product posts are displayed so that they look just as good as if you had a professional web designer doing them for you. You can even customize the links to make sure that they send the right traffic to your blog posts with links back to your site.

The plugin comes with full support so if you run into any problems or have any questions you can email me or visit the support forums where I will answer any questions that you may have.


All of the plugins listed above are well-established in the WordPress community and are pretty easy to use. If you want to be able to create an affiliate website that you can use as an income source, then any one of these plugins will serve you well.