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5 Best Free jQuery CSS3 Progress Bar Plugins

5 Best Free jQuery CSS3 Progress Bar Plugins for Better User Experience

User experience is a very important factor in designing a website. It is what the user feels after visiting the site. The concept of User experience design is not new and has been used by website owners for a long time.

Some of the most visited sites on the internet have been able to create a great experience for their users which also increased their profit as well.

Improving user experience can be achieved through different methods but one of the most effective ones is improving your website’s aesthetics and creating a better user interface.

But making your progress bar, which will be a part of your website will not be an easy task to do especially if you don’t have any previous coding knowledge.

That’s why there are many free jQuery CSS3 progress bar plugins available online that allow you to create beautiful and simple progress bars for your websites without any coding effort.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 Best Free jQuery CSS3 Progress Bar Plugins for Better User Experience.

1. Spin.js

Spin.js is a stylish jQuery plugin for animating elements in circles. It supports all modern browsers, including IE6 and above, and works well across most devices, including phones and tablets.

A responsive CSS3 progress bar with a circular progress indicator that comes in three styles: Default (for browsers supporting border radius), Android (for browsers that do not support border-radius), and iOS (which uses box-shadow). The default style is intended to be used as a horizontal progress bar but can be easily modified to be vertical.

There are many uses for this plugin, such as in applications where you want to indicate the progress of a task, or when you need to show an activity indicator. It can also be used to create an elegant loading screen when combined with a jQuery plugin such as the excellent SpinKit.

2. Round Avatar with Circular Progress Bar

Round Avatar with Circular Progress Bar is one of the most unique progress bars. With a minimal design, it allows you to add a profile picture, profile name, and percentage of progress. The progress bar is animated, which makes the task more engaging. It has a cool dark mode too.

If you are looking for a free jQuery Progress Bar plugin that can be used on any web page element – this one is a great choice. With this plugin, you can add text/images to the progress bar and animate them when the page loads. The default animation speed is set at 2000ms, but you can change it according to your preference.

This plugin has some nice features including jQuery easing effects and customizable animations. You can easily customize the look and feel of the progress bar without any coding. A great plugin for displaying your skills in an easy-to-understand manner!

This jQuery plugin allows you to create animated circles using Canvas technology. You can use this plugin to show your skills or display statistics interestingly. It offers four different styles: line, bar, circle, and semi-circle, and does not require any images or external CSS files for customizations.

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3. Progress Checkmark

Progress bars are a great way to communicate with your users, letting them know where they are at any given point in time and helping them stay informed about the program’s current status.

They’re also a great way to keep them from getting anxious about how long it will take for the program to complete what it is doing. Even better, you can use these progress bars in your creations, giving your site or app that professional touch that you’ve been looking for.

jQuery has so many amazing plugins available for free (and open-source), that finding one that does exactly what you want is likely to be easier than you think! The two we’ve listed below are simple and work well together, but there are plenty of options out there if these don’t suit your needs.

And as always, these plugins are only meant to serve as an example of what you could do with jQuery—don’t feel like you have to use our solutions exactly as they are!

4. ProgressBar.js

ProgressBar.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps you render and animate nice, flat, and fully customizable SVG-based circular progress bars. It uses a single JavaScript function to generate a variety of colorful progress bars on the webpage.

However, if you don’t like the way it looks or behaves, you can easily customize everything using its extensive options. The plugin supports multiple types of progress bars with different shapes and styles including lines, circles, and squares. You can also change their direction and animation effect as per your needs.

Besides the default progress bar, Progressbar.js also provides a responsive progress bar that allows you to create a custom progress bar that changes according to the screen size. For example, the full circle progress bar in small devices may be represented as a half-circle or quarter-circle on bigger screens.

5. LoadGo

With over 25 million websites using its technology, LoadGo has emerged as the most advanced solution for loading pages faster without affecting SEO. It is a lightweight plugin that uses a combination of CSS3 and jQuery to reduce the time needed to load any web page.

The LoadGo plugin addresses two fundamental issues:

  • Optimizing a website’s HTML code for speed
  • Loading pages smoother by reducing the time it takes to load each element of the page

In addition to these two, it also provides solutions for:

  • Reducing page-load times by reducing HTTP requests
  • Integrating with Google Page Speed so that the website gets a better score

LoadGo offers various ways to load pages faster. Not only does it make browser rendering faster, but it also reduces the overall size of pages, which in turn helps in improving load times. The plugin can be used on all types of sites – blogs, portfolios, small business websites, and even eCommerce sites. It works perfectly well on large as well as small websites with more than 25k pages.