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5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites

One of the most important aspects of online business is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, also known as the acronym SEO, is a method of improving your site’s visibility in the search engines results pages (SERPS) so that people looking for what you have to offer can find you more easily.

One way you can do this is with SEO plugins for WordPress 2022. There are a lot of these available and they vary in cost. Some are free and some are extremely expensive.

A few examples of SEO plugins for WordPress 2022 include Yoast SEO, All in one SEO pack, PaidPlugin and Sitemap Generator. Continue reading as we list out the top five SEO plugins for WordPress.

1. All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack has a few unique features that make it different than the other WordPress SEO plugins, like auto-generated description tags and canonical tag support. It also has some features that I would consider “premium,” for example the SEO options for categories/tags/custom taxonomies and the ability to index any of those.

For me, if I had to pick one out of these three, I would go with Yoast because the admin panel is always visible and it shows you exactly what your post or page will look like on Google.

However, if you’re looking for a free plugin then The All in One SEO Pack is a great option. There is also a premium version which adds more functionality to the plugin.

2. Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. This plugin helps you to optimize your website for search engines. It is easy to use and has advanced features that won’t make you feel overwhelmed.

The plugin is free, but if you want to get more out of it, then you can upgrade to Yoast SEO Premium. This will give you access to some advanced features like internal linking suggestions, social previews, etc.

Yoast SEO is trusted by over 5 million websites and has a 4.7 rating from 2100 reviews in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

3. Rank Math

Rank Math is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress in 2022. It’s used on over 1 million sites and has a 4.9/5 star rating on WordPress.org.

Rank Math is free and open-source, which means you can use it to optimize your site regardless of your budget. It comes with built-in Google Analytics integration and lets you optimize your site for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu & many others.

Rank Math also includes a redirect manager that lets you easily monitor 404 errors on your site and create 301 redirects to fix them. Rank Math also integrates with WooCommerce so eCommerce store owners can optimize their product pages for higher search engine rankings.

The plugin has a built-in keyword research tool that lets you discover the best keywords for your content based on monthly search volume and competition level from other websites competing for those same terms in organic results (SEO).

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4. Squirrly SEO

If you want to rank higher in search results, then use Squirrly SEO. This plugin has over 100,000 installations and it’s one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress.

Squirrly SEO helps you write content that’s in line with Search Engine Optimization best practices. For example, the plugin analyzes your focus keyword to determine whether your content is optimized around this term or not. You can use the Focus Pages feature to track the performance of your content as well.

When writing a post, Squirrly SEO displays a live assistant in your post editor that provides feedback on how well your post is optimized for search engines. You can also see how many people are searching for your keywords on Google per month:

Squirrly SEO also includes an audit feature that scans your website to identify issues that may be holding back your rankings.

In addition to all of these features, Squirrly SEO also offers a collection of tools and reports that provide suggestions for improving your site’s overall SEO performance and ranking over time.

5. Slim SEO

The Slim SEO plugin is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins available today. The plugin is designed to replace Yoast for those who are looking for a more lightweight solution.

Slim SEO is built on top of the open-source project Fathom Analytics. This makes it a privacy-friendly alternative that doesn’t use any third-party tools or cookies to track your visitors.

While Slim SEO doesn’t have as many features as Yoast, it does cover all the basics you need to get your website optimized for search engines. It also has an easy user interface that anyone can use and understand. If you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to Yoast, then this is a great choice.

The plugin is free, but a premium version is available if you want more advanced features. The free version includes:

An easy-to-use dashboard that shows you how many times your site has been crawled by Google in a real-time tool that checks your site’s performance based on factors like loading time and mobile-friendliness keyword research tool that finds the best keywords to target based on popularity, competition, and search volume ability to optimize your content for unlimited keywords and much more!


Now that we have taken a look at the seven most popular WordPress SEO plugins out there, you should hopefully be better informed when choosing your plugin. What works best for one site may not work best for another site.

There is no one size fits all formula to search engine optimization, so be sure to make an informed decision about which plugin is right for your site. Blogging can be fun, and plugging your blog with great content and propelling it to the top of Google searches is a game any blogger can win.