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5 Best User-Friendly WooCommerce Donation Plugins

Incorporating a social cause into your business is a wonderful idea. As a result, consumers feel as if they are contributing to a social cause or showing sympathy for others, rather than simply buying something for themselves. Donating whatever amount makes us feel good about ourselves and gives us a feeling of purpose since we believe we are making a difference in someone’s life even if it is only a small one.

It’s a good idea to have WooCommerce Donation Plugins installed on your site, especially during these difficult times. You don’t want to compromise on the quality when it comes to donation purposes.

You must consider the responsiveness of your page and the ease with which visitors may move around it. Aside from that, you want to make sure that all the funds raised are used for the right things. Consider a professional to assist you in your search for the ideal plugin is highly recommended.

Our goal is to assist you to succeed in your social cause because of this. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of five possible WooCommerce donation plugins for your website:

1. WooCommerce Donation plugin

Donations can be made via the WooCommerce store with this donation plugin. There is an optional form for contributions on your WooCommerce products with any amount the customers can choose to donate. It’s easy to use and allows donors to enter any amount they like, making it ideal for charitable contributions. WooCommerce makes it all possible.

It has a user-friendly and unique admin interface. As a result, you can tailor your contribution plugin to your needs. You can also change the purpose of the donation. Additionally, this plugin allows you to redirect your users to the contribution link when they skip the Cart page where the donation portion is located. If visitors forget to click the Donate button, this will help them. Its uncomplicated features will make things a lot easier.

2. SUMO WooCommerce Donations

For any good cause or solidarity campaign, this plugin allows users to include a donation option in their shops. They must first complete the donation form and then choose the amount they would want to contribute. This WooCommerce contribution plugin makes it simple for users to donate.

To raise money for someone, you need to know their name, and this app lets you do that. Donating a specific product instead of cash is an option for your users. You have the option to use this plugin as a widget or as a shortcode in a blog post or web page.

WordPress and WooCommerce plugins are required for this plugin to work with all themes. If customers choose to utilize the plugin on their website. If, however, the theme they are using is incompatible, they can contact the plugin’s developers for assistance in updating the plugin to make it work properly. After that, they’ll put it through its paces and begin using it within a few days.

3. Woo Donations by Geek Web Solution

Donations can be accepted in WooCommerce using this plugin, which allows people to donate any amount they choose. Donations appear in the shopping cart and during the checkout process as a similar item. If the donor wants to change the amount of their donation, they can do so on the cart or checkout page. Non-shipping and non-taxable donation alternatives are also available for those who simply want to donate.

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Donations can be added to the cart and checkout pages after WooCommerce’s donation plugin are installed. A lot of WordPress users have multiple blogs, and each blog has its unique settings.

One of the plugin’s characteristics is that it lets users select which product they want to donate their proceeds to. They have the option of either donating an item or directly donating money. It’s also possible for them to designate a spot for a public exhibition.

The fact that this plugin allows users to create their customized donation forms is also essential. The recipient of their donation will be able to see any messages they leave for them. Using shortcodes, you can insert these description fields. If they have access to these options, they can also choose to turn them off.

4. WPC Name Your Price for WooCommerce

WPC Name Your Price for WooCommerce is a simple WooCommerce donation plugin. It allows your users to donate any amount they want with the help of a name your price field. The plugin works best with donations, where you can’t expect a fixed price from every customer.

The plugin comes with a variety of customization options, which include letting customers choose a minimum amount for their donation, setting up the title and description for the donation field, and more. The plugin is free to use, with no hidden charges or pricing plans.

WPC Name Your Price for WooCommerce Features:

  • A simple way to accept donations to your store
  • Allows customizing labels for the donation field
  • Doesn’t charge any transaction fee

5. WooCommerce Donation or Tip on Cart and Checkout

WooCommerce Donation or Tip on Cart and Checkout is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to accept donations or tips during the checkout process on your WooCommerce store. You can add a donation field to one or more of your WooCommerce products and set a minimum and maximum donation amount for each product. You can allow your customers to choose whether the total donation amount is included in the total cost of the order or if it’s added on separately.

You can also customize the default text shown in the donation field and select what currency symbol you want to be displayed next to each product’s donation field. You can choose from several currency symbols, including dollars, pounds, euros, yen, and many others.

Key Features:

  • Customize the donation text
  • Enable donation on the cart page, checkout page or both
  • Display a default value for the donation
  • Set a minimum and maximum donation value
  • Display donation options in radio buttons, dropdown, or input field
  • Show donations in order email and thank you page
  • Show a custom thank you message after successful donations


There are several premium donation plugins for WooCommerce. Some of them are very user-friendly, some aren’t – and that’s where the focus of this review comes in. Here we ranked the top 5 donation plugins for WooCommerce based on user-friendliness.