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5 Organized WordPress File Manager Plugins


There are various WordPress File Manager plugins available in the market that gives you the ability to manage your files directly from your WordPress website.

Some of these plugins are free, while others are premium. But what if you want a powerful file manager that is not only easy to use but also offers all the necessary tools and features?

This is where our top 5 file manager plugins come into play. These plugins will help you to upload, organize, and manage your files easily.

While some of these plugins are free, others are premium. You can choose any plugin based on your requirements and budget.

Best Organized WordPress File Manager Plugins

1. Advanced File Manager

Advanced File Manager is a great WordPress file manager plugin to organize files and folders. It comes with an easy drag and drop interface that allows you to upload multiple files. Also, you can create folders, rename, or delete files.

It offers WordPress media library integration, so you can link any file from the Advanced File Manager directly to your content. Also, it comes with an easy drag and drop interface to create galleries and insert them into your pages.

This plugin works with any type of file such as PDFs, images, videos, etc. You can download a complete directory as a ZIP file and view detailed information about the size of each file or folder.

2. Frontend File Manager Plugin

Frontend File Manager is a WordPress plugin that provides you with all the features of a file manager. You can create, edit, rename, delete, upload, and download files and folders. It is completely based on HTML5 and JavaScript using jQuery and jQuery UI.

This plugin has a responsive design and is fully compatible with Bootstrap 3. x.x Framework. The plugin comes with many features to customize the user interface according to your requirements. You can set different colors for different elements of the interface, upload icons, background images, etc.

It comes with multiple upload options which enable you to upload multiple files at once in bulk, or by drag & drop of files directly from your computer to the browser window. There is also an option to select any number of files from your browser’s file picker dialog box.

You can set the maximum allowed size for uploading files in megabytes from the admin panel under the Settings tab. There are options to disable certain types of files from being uploaded like .exe .php .asp .js etc. so that users cannot upload malicious files to your website.

3. File Manager

File Manager allows you to manage all the files and folders in your WordPress Media Library. It is a complete WordPress file manager plugin, and you can use it to upload, download, delete, copy, move or rename any kind of files and folders directly from your WordPress site.

Right now, you may be using an FTP client or the default WordPress Media Manager to manage the files on your WordPress website. But why do that when you can do everything related to file management right from your WordPress dashboard?

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This File Manager plugin works as a single solution for all your file management needs. You get access to all the important tools you need such as:

  • File Uploader
  • Create New Folder
  • Copy / Move Files & Folders
  • Delete Files & Folders
  • Rename Files & Folders
  • Zip Archive Downloader

4. Folders – Organize Media Library Folders, Pages, Posts, And Media Categories with Drag & Drop

The WordPress media library is organized by date and if you are uploading multiple images, keeping track of them can be difficult. Folders help you organize your files in folders and subfolders and add tags to your media files to make it easy for you to find them.

This plugin lets you organize your files by drag & drop, search for files and even download multiple files with a single click. You also have the option of displaying folders as thumbnails, lists, or compact views and even customize the folder icon.

You can order folders, sub-folders, pages, posts, and media categories in any way you want. You can also sort them alphabetically or by most recent or oldest. If you use the gallery post view, you can order folders in a custom order.

Folders is the best file manager plugin for WordPress that allows you to do lots more than just organize files in folders.

5. WordPress Media Library Folders: Mediamatic

The WordPress media library is a great tool for managing your files and images. Unfortunately, it has many limitations and is not very user-friendly when it comes to organizing large amounts of files.

Mediamatic has created an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that solves the problems you’ll encounter when dealing with a large number of files in the media library. The plugin allows you to create folders in the media library, copy or move files from one folder to another or from one site to another. You can even bulk upload or download files directly from your computer into the selected folder.

The plugin also makes it possible to find and replace file names and paths in the database. This means that you can rename folders on your server without breaking links to files in your posts and pages.


With a little searching, it becomes apparent that these plugins are gaining popularity as WordPress users are taking advantage of the benefits of having a file manager built right into their platform. While each plugin offers different options and capabilities, all organize WordPress files in some capacity and make it easier for users to find exactly what they need. These plugins are likely here to stay, so you might as well choose one and start organizing your site’s files today!