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7 Best Team Members WordPress Plugins



7 Best Team Members WordPress Plugins

A corporation that has a face has more credibility. The ability to associate a look, or multiple looks, with a company, adds a personal touch, which is vital for acquiring new clients or customers and sustaining solid connections with existing ones.

A team member area on a company’s website is one of the most excellent methods. The good news is that displaying everyone’s bio in a visually appealing, attention-getting manner isn’t as challenging as it may seem.

Various WordPress plugins for team members look nice, operate well, and make the procedure as simple as possible.
Here are seven of the very best:

1. AWSM Team Pro

AWSM Team Pro is a multi-featured WordPress team member plugin that allows you to build and maintain team pages professionally, organized, and refreshingly straightforwardly.

It has a variety of design choices and predefined layouts, including four-card forms, three table styles, two list styles, and more, to make team sections as appealing as possible.

The option to modify the location of users’ Facebook, Instagram and other social network icons is possibly the most attractive feature of AWSM Team Pro. Most other WordPress team plugins don’t provide this level of customization.

It’s also completely responsive and compatible with all major mobile platforms. It’s also compatible with the WPBakery (Formerly Visual Composer) WordPress plugin, allowing users to drag and drop team members wherever on the page. Users may also add custom CSS.

Overall, it’s a fantastic team member WordPress plugin with many features and a straightforward design.

Top Features of the AWSM Team Pro:

  • Simple design
  • Eight distinct presets
  • A variety of styling choices
  • Completely adaptable
  • Touch-friendly
  • Comprehensive documentation

2. DV Team

This is yet another premium, fully responsive WordPress team members plugin that can highlight team members, portfolios, product galleries, and more.

Its sleek design comes in square, rectangular, masonry, thumbnail, and filterable grid layouts, giving every website and its staff many alternatives.

In reality, there are no limits to the number of teams, team members, or categories created. Standard, gallery, video, picture, quote, and link are among the six custom post choices offered.

The plugin’s options menu also allows you to adjust all icons, colors, font sizes, and pretty much anything else on the page. The DV Team plugin provides a lot of versatility and features, including five custom widgets and a social icons bar.

Overall, the plugin has a beautiful look, is simple to use, and has an almost endless customization possibility.

Top Features of the DV Team include:

  • A simple, mobile-friendly design
  • Create an infinite number of teams, team members, and categories
  • A variety of grid designs and post types are available.
  • Colors, font sizes, icons, and more may be customized.
  • Five unique widgets
  • A bar with social media symbols

3. Team Showcase

Another best-selling completely flexible WordPress team plugin, Team Showcase, is intended to highlight team members in several attractive ways. It’s very configurable, much like AWSM Team Pro, with various choices for modifying and upgrading team member layouts.

Grid, Grid with Hover, Thumbnails Pager, and Table are available in the four distinct layout choices. There are countless variations available in addition to these simple layouts. Users may customize the number of columns, align text, add background photos, adjust font colors and sizes, and more.

Best of all, you won’t need any additional plugins to show lists of photographs with reviews, testimonials, and other material if you use the Team Showcase plugin. This is a one-plugin-fits-all solution. Of course, being one of the most popular WordPress team member plugins, it’s also built to work with other plugins.

In terms of features, Team Showcase boasts a plethora of them. The option to add social media connections for each team member is a fantastic tool. There are nearly too many more features to mention.

Highlights of the Team Showcase include:

  • Sorting and reordering by dragging and dropping
  • Sort by categories.
  • Generate PHP functions and shortcodes
  • Widget-ready
  • Pagination assistance
  • Four distinct designs of social icons
  • Image and effects for the background

4. TC Team Members Pro

TC Team Members Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to showcase team members and distribute their information in various ways.

It comes with seven alternative layout options and a variety of overlay effects. On the other hand, users like its ability to display extra information about team members in a separate pop-up window, which adds professionalism and design depth.

The possibility to add 20+ different social icons is another fantastic feature of TC Team Member Pro. It makes following team members and the companies/websites they work for relatively straightforward, from LinkedIn to Pinterest.

It’s straightforward to use TC Team Members Pro. After installation, the plugin will have its menu in the WordPress dashboard, just below “Posts and Pages,” after installation. Users may add team members, personal information, photos, and connections to their social media accounts from this page.

The shortcode may be acquired via the plugin’s automated shortcode generator when multiple teams and limitless team members have been created, and their information has been submitted. It’s undoubtedly one of the most excellent team member WordPress plugins out there today, fully responsive and supported by all of the current browsers.

Top Features of the TC Team Members Pro:

  • The design is fully responsive.
  • One-of-a-kind pop-up window
  • There are no limits on the number of teams or team members created.
  • Post and category kinds that are unique to you
  • There are seven distinct layouts.
  • A total of 23 social media icons
  • Overlay and hover-over effects galore
  • Shortcode generator that works automatically
  • Compatible with all WP themes

5. Team Members Pro

WP Darko’s Team Members Pro plugin is another excellent option. This WordPress team member plugin includes member photographs, biographies, rank, social connections, and more. It can display up to five team member profiles per line.
It works by adding “Teams” to a user’s WordPress dashboard. They may add members and display all of the information mentioned here. Reordering teams and team members are also possible, and they may also be placed anywhere on a website using shortcode.

Team Members Pro also comes with a slew of additional valuable features. The option to add a second picture that shows when someone hovers over the primary photo is a beautiful feature.

The plugin also has built-in picture filters that may be used to give photographs a normal, antique, black-and-white, or saturated appearance. You may also choose among squared photographs, rounded photos, inside-the-box photos, floating pictures, and photo borders.

Team Members Pro is also updated regularly, ensuring that thousands of users have a safe and trouble-free experience.

Top Features of Team Members Pro:

  • Responsive mobile design
  • There are no limits on the number of teams or team members created.
  • Design choices and photo filters
  • Hover over the second picture to see the information box.
  • Each team member may have up to five social media connections.

6. Cherry Team Members

There’s no need to pay money to build a great-looking, fully functioning team members section with Cherry Team Members. It’s also accessible and connected with the Elementor plugin, creating beautiful team member pages with WordPress point-and-click simple.

Companies and websites may use the plugin to display each team member’s job, personal information, contact information, and skill level on any page they want. Additionally, similar to the plugins mentioned before, there are various configurable parameters to get the ideal appearance and feel.

Cherry Team Members, for example, may be used to specify the number of team members that appear on each page, the number of columns that show on each page, and the desired layouts and image sizes for single team member and team pages.

Members of the Cherry Team’s Best Qualities:

  • Responsive mobile design
  • Integration with Elementor Page Builder
  • There are no limits on the number of teams or team members created.
  • Numerous configuration options
  • Templates for team and single team member pages are included.
  • Image scaling in real-time
  • Free

7. TLP Pro Team

This WordPress team management plugin has incredible responsiveness and a ton of features that make it shine on any screen.

Unlike some other team member plugins that only give a few layout possibilities, TLP Team Pro includes a whopping 33 layout options, giving customers more than enough options to design a fantastic team member area. There are 14 grid layouts, one table layout, nine isotope layouts, and nine carousel layouts for unlimited creative options.

The customizing possibilities are also limitless. Colors, graphics, and even pop-ups may be customized by users for single members that need a little additional attention or recognition.

TLP Team Pro allows you to create an infinite number of teams and team members and filter by department or designation. Users may now add email addresses and social symbols for increased contact flow, transparency, and trust.

Top Features of the TLP Team Pro:

  • Excellent receptivity
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities
  • There are 11 different layouts to pick from.
  • Composer of visuals
  • Several choices for personalization
  • Pop-ups for single members
  • Image scaling in real-time
  • Buttons for email, online, and social media

In Conclusion

It’s not simple to choose the finest WordPress team member plugin. While everyone enjoys having options, there are hundreds of team member plugins to choose from, making picking the appropriate one tough at best. We’ve put together a list of seven of the most incredible team member WordPress plugins available today to make things simple. Now it’s up to you to give one a go and give your website the human touch it requires.

Kam Williams is a web designer and developer specializing in WordPress theme customization and development. She has worked with WordPress for over six years. She comes from a Computer Science background and holds a Bachelor of Science from BSc. Computer Science. Kam has a powerful passion for WordPress and has developed several WordPress Themes.

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