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8 Best Responsive Table WordPress Plugins (2022)



8 Best Responsive Table WordPress Plugins (2022)

Best Responsive Table WordPress Plugins

Tables are an excellent method to store and display any data, and they’re also a great way to present your site’s data in an orderly, easy-to-read format. Unfortunately, building tables might be intimidating for those who have never done it before.

The good news is that you don’t have to employ a developer or learn how to code to add tables to your website. If you’re using WordPress to design your site, which you should, all you’ll need is an excellent WordPress responsive table plugin.

There are many WordPress responsive table plugins to select from, but choosing the proper one is crucial if you want your tables to be as sleek and powerful as possible.

Not every table plugin will be suitable for your needs. Here’s a list of the eight top WordPress responsive table plugins for 2020 to save you some time.

The best responsive table plugins for WordPress are:

1. WP Table Builder

Beneficial features:

  • User-friendly UI with a drag-and-drop editor
  • Tables that are dynamic and responsive
  • There are five components in all
  • Mode of cell management
  • Shortcodes are supported

WP Table Builder is one of the best WordPress responsive table plugins. Users may use it to create completely responsive, dynamic tables for all screen sizes and devices. It can quickly and simply build list tables, menu tables, Amazon product tables, price tables, comparison tables, and more.

There are five components in the drag-and-drop table builder plugin: picture, text, list, star rating, and button. Each of them has its own set of customizing possibilities. However, WP Table Builder’s best feature is its simple cell management mode. This functionality allows you to add and delete columns and rows quickly, and the height of the rows and the width of the columns may both be changed.

While WP Table Builder isn’t suitable for creating tables with a lot of data, it’s an excellent alternative for affiliate marketers and bloggers who want to construct dynamic tables. It’s difficult to beat for most tables and most WordPress-powered websites.

2. Visualizer

Beneficial features:

  • Live editor that is easy to use
  • Tables and graphs that can be customized
  • Animation of a graph
  • There are many distinct sorts of charts.
  • Integration with Google Sheets

Visualizer is a popular WordPress responsive table plugin that serves as a chart organizer, similar to wpData Tables. Its primary selling point is its capacity to produce interactive charts, although it can also be used to make tables.

Both a free and a premium version of Visualizer are available. The free version gives you access to nine distinct chart kinds, while the premium version gives you access to six more. Table charts, bar charts, pie charts, line charts, timeline charts, and other types of graphs may be created.

These charts may be generated with Visualizer by embedding them in WordPress pages or posts with a few clicks. A CSV file may also be used to import data. Tables and charts may be quickly altered using Visualizer’s Live Editor after they’ve been produced. There’s even chart animation.

3. Ninja Tables

Beneficial features:

  • It’s easy to use
  • Data sorting by dragging and dropping
  • Table duplication and filtering
  • Pagination-friendly
  • Import/export services are available
  • WooCommerce with Google Sheets integration

Ninja Tables is an entirely responsive table plugin that may generate various dynamic table types. Its extensive features and user-friendly interface make creating tables a pleasure, and best of all, no further add-ons are required to get a responsive appearance on any screen.

A default schema, custom built-in schema, custom CSS, and various attractive table designs are available. Shortcodes may also be used to publish tables that have already been constructed on a website, and pagination, filtering, and sorting are all simple to implement.

Ninja Tables also has additional capabilities, like drag-and-drop data sorting, table duplication, and interaction with WooCommerce and Google Sheets. Tables may be made in various ways for every site, thanks to their many characteristics.

To top things off, the plugin is available for free. However, a premium edition with even more features and capabilities is also available.

4. wpData Tables

Beneficial features:

  • Creating tables and graphs
  • Tables that can be sorted and are interactive
  • Conditional CSS formatting is supported.
  • Fully mobile-friendly
  • Wizard built-in

WpData Tables can develop responsive tables for WordPress in a variety of ways. It can not only show data in a table, chart, and graphical formats, but it can also manually enter data, upload a file, or paste a MySQL query. When you go inside the plugin, you’ll see many additional intriguing features.

One of these features is a built-in wizard that creates tables and charts as easy as point-and-click. You may also highlight cells, rows, and columns at any time. Meanwhile, each table can be responsive, but it can also be sortable and interactive.

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wpData Tables isn’t free since it’s packed with functionality and includes a chart and table maker. Nevertheless, it is one of the most outstanding plugins for building massive data tables and a fantastic option for making bar, pie, and other sorts of charts.

5. Post Table Pro

Beneficial features:

  • Pages, posts, and custom posts are shown
  • Tables may be sorted, filtered, and searched
  • Taxonomies and custom table fields
  • Video, audio, and other multimedia may be added

That’s all there is to it. These are the top eight WordPress responsive table plugins for 2020, each of which can build attractive, effective, and dynamic tables for WordPress sites.

Last but not least, there’s Post Table Pro. This versatile plugin differs from the others in that it offers an entirely different user experience. Data may be shown in the form of a post or a custom post type, and there’s no need to input tables or publish data in any case manually. Instead, the plugin creates tables for users based on their WordPress pages, articles, and custom post kinds.

Post Table Pro can provide visitors with versatility in addition to a very user-friendly experience. They may not only pick how many rows they want to see, but they can also filter by category or tag, and shortcodes can be used to add more filters.

The tables generated by Post Table Pro may be searched and sorted. In addition, video, music, and other multimedia may be integrated to give it a more current, responsive appearance. The plugin, like many others, comes in both free and paid editions, with the premium version providing even more features and advantages.

There are plenty of capable plugins to choose from. Still, they are all constructed with A+ features to build tables that look beautiful and operate better and, most importantly, attract viewers.

You can’t go wrong with any of these options, but we hope you’ll find one of these WordPress responsive table plugins helpful for your site!

6. WP Table Manager

Beneficial features:

  • Excel and other editors are used.
  • Table themes that can be customized
  • Import and export capabilities
  • Syncing and integrating Excel and Google Sheets
  • Integration of the chart.js file

WP Table Manager is a premium WordPress table plugin with a wealth of functionality for creating price tables, product tables, comparison tables, and more for any WordPress site. Thanks to its pre-built style themes, the plugin delivers significant functionality and a professional appearance for every table it makes.

Unlike many other table plugins, it seamlessly syncs with Google Sheets and Excel files, allowing for rapid and straightforward table creation and modification. Both of these and the WordPress database and other sources may be used to import data. The plugin may be used to create charts and tables by simply integrating chart.js files.

However, the pre-built layouts are the key selling feature of this premium WordPress responsive table plugin. Using these, all you have to do to make a great-looking table or chart is import some data.

7. TablePress

Beneficial features:

  • Extremely adaptable
  • Support for HTML data cells
  • Support for table headers, footers, and captions
  • Filtering is simple
  • Import/export services are available

TablePress is a popular, feature-rich, and easy-to-use WordPress responsive table plugin that ranks among WP Table Builder and Ninja Tables in popularity, functionality, and usability. It was formerly known as WP-Table Reloaded, and it allows you to create and maintain attractive, responsive tables.

TablePress tables may also be incorporated in various forms of data and quickly added into pages, blogs, text widgets, and anyplace else on a site using a shortcode. Pagination, sorting, and filtering are among the sophisticated capabilities of the plugin. There’s also an import and export feature for transferring data between Excel, CSV, and Google Sheets.

Unfortunately, “out of the box,” it’s just somewhat responsive. Some essential add-ons are required to make it completely responsive, and TablePress includes a variety of add-ons that improve the responsiveness and functionality of tables. Apart from that, the plugin is entirely free. Unlike several other plugins, there is no paid version, although HTML coding knowledge may be required.

8. League Table

Beneficial features:

  • It’s pretty simple to set up and utilize
  • Data in a sortable table
  • Widget support
  • Data may be added to and edited in rows, columns, and cells

League Table is another premium WordPress table creation plugin. Although it was designed to show sports-related data, it can be used to build several columns and rows to display data from any source.

League Table is utterly customizable because of its sophisticated settings. Setting up columns or rows, adding table headers, and entering cell data is simple using the interface. This final step isn’t necessary since it connects with Excel. Similar to Excel, the table data may be sorted, and mathematical formulae can be applied to the rows, columns, and cells.

Kam Williams is a web designer and developer specializing in WordPress theme customization and development. She has worked with WordPress for over six years. She comes from a Computer Science background and holds a Bachelor of Science from BSc. Computer Science. Kam has a powerful passion for WordPress and has developed several WordPress Themes.

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