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5 Best Divi WordPress Theme Alternatives 2022

Are you trying to find a replacement for Divi on your WordPress website?

Divi (our review) is a popular WordPress theme because it allows you to develop a personalized site without writing code.

Although Divi isn’t for everyone, there are several high-quality alternatives to it for aesthetic design on WordPress.

Here are five of the top alternatives to Divi that we’ve vetted based on our expertise with WordPress and other popular site-building tools.

As a result, we’ve included both the theme and the plugin versions of Divi in this roundup. You may use any of these tools to create a beautiful, unique WordPress website without writing any code.

1. Elementor

Similar to the Divi Builder, Elementor is a WordPress page builder plugin that enables visual, drag-and-drop creation for your complete WordPress site.

It is possible to create individual posts and pages with the free version, while it is possible to develop your full theme from scratch, including your header, footer, and content templates.


  • Elementor is theme-agnostic.
  • There is a free version available for basic use cases.
  • In terms of design possibilities, Elementor is just as strong as Divi.
  • It has a popup builder, which Divi does not have.


  • Like Divi, it lacks an official theme. The Hello theme is available in Elementor; however, it is a starting point for your creative work.
  • Using Elementor Pro on several sites increases the price.
  • Using Elementor to Create a Website
  • To design a website using Elementor, you have two options:

Use the Elementor builder when you want greater control over a certain page’s design, or use it in conjunction with a standard theme. In a way, this is comparable to the “traditional” Divi method, where you use the Divi theme to manage basic templates and then activate the Divi Builder when you need more freedom.

For the second option, you may utilize Elementor Pro’s theme builder, which allows you to create all of your site’s templates using Elementor’s visual editor. Divi’s new theme builder function, launched in Divi 4.0, is a good example of this.

I suggest using Elementor’s theme building tools entirely with the Hello theme, which gives the lightest canvas for your ideas.

2. Beaver Builder

Like Elementor, Beaver Builder is a visual, drag-and-drop WordPress plugin.

But you can also get a Beaver Builder theme from the developer to go along with the builder and get a complete Divi-like experience.

Using the Beaver Builder plugin with the Beaver Builder theme simultaneously results in a nearly identical experience. Compared to Divi, Beaver Builder gives more options since it can be used with various themes.

Another option is to use the official Beaver Themer add-on, which, like the Divi builder, gives Beaver Builder complete support for creating themes from scratch.


  • In comparison to Divi, Beaver Builder’s designs tend to be a bit lighter.
  • Its visual builder is more reliable and free of bugs than the previous one.
  • There are several ways to change the look of your site with the Beaver Builder.


In terms of cost, Beaver Builder is more costly than Divi, particularly when you require a custom-built theme.

  • There aren’t as many design possibilities as with Divi.
  • Divi features a far larger library of ready-to-use templates.
  • With Beaver Builder, you can create a website in no time at all.

Using Beaver Builder, you have a lot of control over the design and functionality of your site. You may use it as a standalone page builder plugin with or without the theme builder add-on, or you can replicate Divi’s method.

Using Beaver to Create a WordPress Website

To begin with, you might utilize both the Beaver Builder Theme and the Beaver Builder Plugin to build your website. A page builder plugin and a theme are used in this arrangement, but you’ll utilize the page builder to create your real content. Divi’s method is quite similar to this one.

The Beaver Builder plugin may be used with a different theme. In addition to Astra and GeneratePress, both of which are great Divi replacements, they also work nicely with this plugin.

You can also construct your theme and use Beaver Builder to design your website’s header, footer, and content templates with Beaver Theme.

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3. Astra

Astra is a lightweight, versatile WordPress theme, a worthy competitor to Divi in terms of performance and flexibility.

As opposed to Divi, Astra does not have a drag-and-drop builder. You may use whatever constructor you choose, as long as it’s compatible with the software that works best for you.

A demo site for the following builders is available:

  • Block editor in native code (Gutenberg)
  • Elementor

Although it works well with the default builder plugins, you don’t have to restrict yourself to them. If you choose, you can also utilize it with the Divi Builder plugin!


  • If you use the block editor, Astra will load much quicker than Divi.
  • It provides you additional choices in the WordPress Customizer to customize your theme.
  • It is compatible with any page builder plugin.
  • In comparison to Divi, it’s less expensive.


  • If you prefer a built-in drag-and-drop builder, Astra’s lack thereof may be a drawback for you.

Using Astra to Create a WordPress Website

Using Astra as a theme is simple like using any other. It’s incredibly adaptable, and you can build your header, footer, and blog post layouts, among other things, using the Customizer options.

Astra’s Customizer controls include an amazing drag-and-drop header and footer builder.

You’ll need a page builder plugin if you want to create a fully visual, drag-and-drop design with Astra. Elementor’s free version is a popular choice, although Astra may be used with any page builder.

Or, if the native WordPress block editor provides enough design versatility for your requirements, you may always keep with it and continue using it.

4. GeneratePress

This is a similar theme to Astra in that it provides a lightweight, configurable basis to complement what Divi provides.

There is no built-in visual builder in GeneratePress — however, the WordPress block editor and other page builder plugins may be used to create an experience similar to Divi.

It also has some neat block-based theme construction features, although they fall short of Divi’s level of adaptability.


  • In terms of speed, GeneratePress outperforms Divi.
  • It provides you additional choices in the WordPress Customizer to customize your theme.
  • It is compatible with any page builder plugin.
  • In comparison to Divi, it’s less expensive.


  • Some people consider it a drawback with no built-in constructor in GeneratePress.
  • There are many more pre-built demo sites in Divi.

Build Your Website With GeneratePress.com

GeneratePress gives you many options when it comes to setting up your website. You may choose from three primary options.

GeneratePress’ sophisticated Customizer controls and the native WordPress editor are available to you right now (along with the GenerateBlocks plugin for more flexibility).

Second, you may use your preferred page builder plugin instead of the default editor. Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and most other page builder plugins are compatible with GeneratePress.

GeneratePress 3.0 has included several new block-based theme construction tools. While not as easy to use or versatile as Divi, they allow you to create custom layouts and templates using the WordPress block editor.

Alternatively, you may combine any or all of the three techniques! You aren’t confined to just one option at a time.

5. Avada

Due to its resemblance to Divi’s approach, Avada is the closest Divi alternative available.

An additional WordPress theme called Avada Builder is included with Avada, its built-in visual builder. Isn’t that like how Divi is a WordPress theme with its visual builder?

As a result, Avada’s performance is not comparable to that of Divi, which got a performance-focused upgrade in Divi 4.10.

The best way to optimize Avada is to use a performance plugin like WP Rocket to ensure that your site loads rapidly (you can learn more in my WP Rocket review).


  • In comparison to Divi, Avada Builder merges page and theme construction into one single interface.
  • The Divi theme’s base theme is more adaptable.
  • Avada is more cost-effective for a single site since it comes with free lifetime upgrades.


  • Divi is more responsive than Avada.
  • Divi’s site library is more extensive.
  • Using Avada to Create a website.

Avada is essentially the same as Divi from a high-level perspective. The Avada Builder is included with the Avada theme when you install it. There are various ways you may customize the look of your website with Avada’s built-in themes or by utilizing the theme settings.