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5 Best WordPress Themes for Language Schools

Because of the pandemic’s awareness-raising effects, the educational landscape has shifted. Fail to get your program started to a good start? Teachers, coaches, and tutors may make money online today thanks to WordPress.

If you’re looking for WordPress themes for language schools, look no further. Online education enthusiasts will find this to be a great place to meet others who share their interests. But there is a slew of premium WordPress themes available on the market today that claim to deliver the best of everything. Finding a needle in a haystack, on the other hand, is a never-ending challenge. That’s why our team is here to assist you.

WordPress makes it possible to create any form of a website. The best part is that you don’t need to know how to code to use it. Ultimately, your desire to succeed is your only restriction. It’s as simple as figuring out what you want, implementing it, and then growing your business to match. We only include the best WordPress themes for language schools on this list. To become your boss, start a language learning website today.

1. Learnify – Courses for Distance Learning Theme for WordPress

Start building a functional and visually appealing website for your online and offline educational endeavors with the Learnify WordPress theme today! Your site will be up and running in no time thanks to the theme’s fully responsive design.

The Learndash plugin is also included in the theme, allowing you to provide a wealth of useful information to your readers. As a result, you can add quizzes, lesson times, and other information to your website. The theme’s compatibility with the Elementor page builder comes in useful if you want to make any changes to your site.

2. Professional Interpretation and Translation by ProLingua Theme for WordPress

An educational website’s design is always the most important consideration. In the hands of an expert, it has the power to seize and hold on to the viewer’s interest. ProLingua is one of the best WordPress themes for language schools. Translation agencies, linguistic firms, freelancers, and language schools can all benefit from it.

With the WPBakery page builder, the site-building process is streamlined. Now you can design new page layouts like a pro without having to worry about code. Take advantage of the Revolution Slider to increase the visibility and interest in your website. Use homepage sliders to highlight your best-selling products and services and increase traffic.

As a WPML solution, ProLingua allows you to reach out to your audience in their native language. The header and footer sections of your website should not go unnoticed.

3. TRANSLANG – Professional Translation and Language Training Theme for WordPress

With Translang as your website designer, students will have no problem finding what they are looking for on your site. In terms of WordPress themes for language schools, this is the second specimen. It’s well-designed and suitable for a variety of translation-related businesses, such as classes, workshops, and freelancing projects.

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If so, where do you begin? Plugins and a powerful set of blogging tools are available to assist you. In addition, Translang has a variety of translation application forms so that your customers can be spoiled for choice.

As an additional benefit, Translang is an adaptable solution that may be tailored to your specific needs. Start with pre-made pages, make any necessary alterations, and then expand your website. The ‘Classes’ custom post type is ideal for anyone looking to start a tutoring business online. To make your website more appealing, you can use this method. In addition, the WPML plugin is supported.

4. Linguistics Training & Consultancy | Lingvico Theme for WordPress

Do you intend to enter the eLearning market? Students, parents, and anybody else looking for information on training classes can benefit from a well-designed website. Anyone looking to get into the language learning market should consider Lingvico.

That’s why educational institutions like schools, training programs, and tutoring services may all benefit from it. Lingvico’s bespoke post type makes it ideal for a variety of courses and classes.

Elementor’s page builder is compatible with Lingvico. What happened? From the get-go, you may avoid a lot of the tedious development efforts. As a result, you’ll be able to build new page layouts on the fly, saving you time and effort.

Also, Lingvico has a lot of custom shortcodes, pre-made pages, and blocks that you may use. As a result, the time it takes to construct a website is reduced. Last but not least, Lingvico is built using SEO best practices to help it get to the top of search engine results.

5. WordPress Theme for an Education Center and Online School

If you’re an 18-year-old eager to study and progress, an online school is the best option for you. In the school industry, a modern and beautiful WP design would fit perfectly. You can use it to help students in a language center or with tutoring.

Nevertheless, who said it couldn’t be used for a college or university website? Another example of a WordPress theme designed for language schools includes support for custom post types. This theme has a plethora of advantages.

To make things even better, you can modify the themes to your heart’s content. What’s even better is that you don’t need any programming knowledge at all. In this way, you may develop new website layouts, modify header and footer regions, and handle appointments like a pro. Your education website will be competitive if it is responsive and retina-ready.


WordPress has become the biggest and most reliable website builder used by bloggers and businessmen. From startups to small companies, there is no denying its popularity. This top list features WordPress Themes for Language Schools which will help you develop a great-looking, functional and working website for your learners. You can create any type of informational page with these themes.