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5 Free HTML5 Admin Dashboard Templates

The web is a constantly evolving entity, and no matter how advanced we think our internet-surfing skills are, there’s always something new to learn. HTML5 is the latest incarnation of Hypertext Markup Language, a language that defines how documents are structured and displayed in web browsers. With HTML5, you can create more sophisticated and interactive websites than ever before.

If you’re building an HTML5 website, you’ll need an admin dashboard template to help you organize all the different aspects of your site. Our collection of 5 free HTML5 admin dashboard templates contains designs for everything from e-commerce sites to project management applications.

You’ll find templates with sleek flat designs and others with a more cartoonish appearance (just scroll down to see them all). Each option contains its unique organizational features that allow you to quickly find and access the tools, charts, graphs, and other elements that will make managing your site easy. And just like all our resources here on WebFX, these templates are completely free to use however you’d like.

1. Admindek

If you’re looking for a solid, free HTML5 admin dashboard template, look no further. Admindek was created by Pavan Podila, a web developer from India who has experience designing online dashboards. The theme is responsive and built on Bootstrap, a popular framework for responsive web design.

The theme’s home page features a carousel of images and a video, and the next three sections display blog posts via the popular WordPress.org blogging platform. The most recent posts are displayed in an area that spans the width of the screen, with older posts ordered behind them in reverse chronological order—a recent trend in web design inspired by Google’s Material Design that makes it easier to prioritize and identify more recent content.

The page is rounded out by a sidebar on the left-hand side with links to the different sections of the site, and a footer with social media links at the bottom of the screen. A contact form is displayed near the top right-hand corner of the page, just below an “About” section boasting Admindek’s features and awards.

The rest of the site displays pages for sections like find your car loan, find your mortgage and find your renters’ or landlords’ Insurance.

2. ArchitectUI HTML (Most Popular)

ArchitectUI HTML is a modern free HTML5 admin dashboard template with loads of elements, components, and widgets. This template follows all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web, making sure your final product is safe, secure, and user-friendly. ArchitectUI HTML also features 7 different dashboard designs and color schemes to choose from.

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Oh, and ArchitectUI HTML comes with a fully functional Laravel version too! If you are looking for something more specific or have a particular need that cannot be covered by any other template out there, give it a try!

From responsive to horizontal layouts and multi-level dropdowns to progress bars and even more useful and unique components, ArchitectUI gives you everything you need to create truly functional dashboards and UI kits for your projects. All components are modular and easy to customize on the go!

3. Adminty

It is based on the Bootstrap framework and is highly customizable, which is why it offers such a great value to web developers. The admin panel uses a flat and minimal design, which makes it extremely easy to use. Developers will be able to create a website that is in line with their vision and gives users the best experience possible.

The free HTML5 admin dashboard templates are fully responsive and support all the latest browsers. It has been tested on major devices from iPhones to Android phones, desktop computers, tablets, and laptop computers. All your work needs is a web browser.

4. ArchitectUI – Angular & Bootstrap 5 (Highest Rated)

If you’re looking for a way to create a sleek, clean dashboard for your Angular 4 website, ArchitectUI is your best bet. This template has been used in over 200 projects and is consistently rated as the highest quality dashboard available. The clean, modern design of ArchitectUI also makes it ideal as a foundation for creating custom dashboards that match the look and feel of your website.

This template offers support for 20 languages and has built-in support for Google Maps, Google AdSense, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Disqus comments. It also offers numerous jQuery plugins and a drag-and-drop page manager for adding pages with ease.

5. Kero

The Kero HTML5 admin dashboard template is a great starting point for your project. It includes numerous custom elements, a fully responsive layout, and even some JavaScript widgets that you can use to display analytics or counters. Our goal was to create an easy-to-use and beautiful dashboard template that would allow developers to focus on the content of their apps. Kero includes the “Kero Base” stylesheet which contains all of the basic styles for typography, buttons, tables, and more. All you must do is edit the variables in the main CSS file and you’ll have a simple, clean-looking template in no time at all.