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How to Create a Classified Website Using ClassiPress Theme

Those who have a few good decades in their age balance will remember with a certain nostalgia the classifieds in the printed newspapers. Today, technology has embraced the cause and given a new tone to a universe of offers: ClassiPress. The format is different, but the proposal is the same: one person has an offer and another, the demand. But don’t confuse it with buy and sell websites. The ClassiPress proposal is different because it brings very innovative methods.

What is ClassiPress?

ClassiPress did not become popular at all. The great thing about this classified ad management system is its originality: a theme that can be installed on WordPress, accessible, full of features, educational, and with numerous options for buying and selling.

Through a very affordable and customizable subscription package (forms and fields are targeted to the specific need of each customer), it is possible to access various plan models.

What are the main features of ClassiPress?

Just imagine the power that ClassiPress can get as it uses and abuses the latest features of WordPress? This integration makes it possible, for example, for the sale of classified ads to be available in minutes.

Another feature that makes it indisputably popular is the direct sharing of ads either via email or through major social networks (and this far beyond Facebook and Instagram) such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

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And it doesn’t stop there: the ads bring visitor statistics, the SEO is super friendly and you can count on WPML compatibility.

Is ClassiPress WordPress Theme free?  Not yet.

How much does it cost?

So much functionality comes at a price. So prepare your pocket and dollar: $69 for a single license and $199 for the multi-mode.

How to download ClassiPress?

After purchasing ClassiPress, the files will be available for download directly from the APP Themes website. To upload to your website and the subsequent installation, there are two functional ways: the first option is via FTP directly from the official website. The second is through your cPanel file manager, where you can upload the files to the themes folder within WordPress.

How to install ClassiPress?

It’s simple, but you need some prerequisites to install ClassiPress. First, you need a paid hosting server, with WordPress installed.

WordPress, just remembering, acts as a free blog management system, in PHP language, and that allows the installation of several themes and plugins.

Once that’s done, just enter the WordPress administrative system and locate ClassiPress among your themes, click the install button and you’re done.