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5 Best Intercom Alternatives 2022



5 Best Intercom Alternatives 2022

Intercom is a customer interaction platform that lets you contact consumers, send emails, give customer service, track message engagement, build apps, and set up chatbots. It enables you to converse with both leads and current customers.

Several consumers, however, complain about the lack of transparency in pricing and frequent price changes. It can quickly become costly, as you’ll have to pay separately for various services and features rather than paying a single price for everything.

It’s nearly hard to predict how much you’ll pay each month because your prices will vary depending on the services you use, the number of people you reach, and other factors. Because of this, Intercom can be difficult to budget for; most Intercom alternatives don’t have such perplexing pricing methods.

Aside from the hefty price tag, many consumers believe the customer service is of poor quality. It also lacks certain crucial functionality, such as powerful SMS automation (even email automation on Intercom leaves much to be desired).

If you don’t like the lack of clear and affordable pricing or are weary of waiting five days for a response from the support service, there are many Intercom alternatives to consider. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Crisp 

Crisp is a free and simple Intercom replacement. It’s a combination of a chat tool and a CRM platform.

You can stay in touch with your contacts and customers via the shared inbox, regardless of the channel they choose to interact with you. Emails, Facebook Messenger chats, Twitter Direct Messages, and more are all consolidated into a single multichannel dashboard, allowing you to respond quickly to everyone.

WhatsApp, Telegram, and LINE are among the other apps that are supported. In the shared inbox, you’ll be able to collaborate with other team members and even add notes to a discussion so that other team members can contribute their feedback or expertise.

You won’t need to log in to your social network accounts to communicate with leads or consumers. You may also save responses to commonly asked questions to save time, or set up chatbots to ensure that your clients are heard even when you’re not available.

Setting up alerts will ensure that you or your team members do not miss to respond to an open topic. You’ll get information on each lead, and you’ll be able to filter for the ones who are most likely to convert so you can focus on them first.

You may put up a live chatbox on your website and personalize it to match your needs. It works with the shared inbox and all of Crisp’s other features.

You can share knowledge base articles in the live chat, for example, when you build up a knowledge base.

Your consumers will feel heard thanks to the ticketing system’s integration with the shared inbox.

Automated emails and in-app communications are a non-intrusive approach to boosting your conversion rate. For your communications and campaigns, you’ll get detailed tracking reports so you can improve the consumer experience.

Another useful feature is the system status page, which notifies clients when your systems are offline and advises them to wait.

2. Zendesk

Consider moving to Zendesk if you primarily use Intercom for customer assistance. Zendesk is one of the world’s most reliable support ticket systems; it’s been around longer than Intercom and is used by companies of all sizes.

That isn’t to imply Zendesk doesn’t have features for sales and marketing communication; it does. Zendesk’s bread and butter have always been ticketing systems and customer assistance, and it excels at both.

Zendesk is more than just a better-automated ticketing system than Intercom. It’s less expensive, has more integrations, and provides superior data and analytics.

It also allows you to customize your help center further, with several premium themes to help you stand out.

From a single dashboard, your agents will be able to manage and respond to all customer interactions, including live chat, email, social media, voicemails, and phone calls.

With Zendesk’s phone solution, you can answer calls from your dashboard and reroute calls to the appropriate agents using voice response recognition software. Customers can call you directly from your mobile app if you have a call option.

You’ll be able to create a helpful knowledge base and/or community forum where clients may seek assistance both from themselves and from other members of the community. You can also use the Zendesk Answer Bot in your emails, Slack, and other channels to help consumers obtain answers quickly using artificial intelligence.

Zendesk also has a full-featured CRM, allowing you to manage leads, plan calls and meetings, and increase conversions. If a current customer inquires about a new product, it links with the customer support platform, allowing you to move support threads to the sales staff.

3. ProProfs Help Desk

It’s easy to become perplexed and overwhelmed by Intercom, especially if you own a small business. ProProfs Help Desk, on the other hand, is a user-friendly help desk and live chat solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises.

ProProfs Help Desk was granted the Great User Experience award by FinancesOnline in 2021.

Furthermore, ProProfs Help Desk provides a free help desk plan that is available indefinitely, but Intercom does not.

You can swiftly assist your customers by using a shared inbox and automated workflows. The shared inbox allows you to answer to all channels from a single dashboard, and it has a familiar UI that appears like a conventional email client.

When tickets do come in, you’ll be able to track them, allocate them, prioritize them, and guarantee that ticket threads are handled and closed on time thanks to the knowledge base.

Saved responses, ticket labels, parent/child tickets, and an internal knowledge base for your customer service representatives can all help you improve efficiency and the customer experience. You’ll also be able to create online courses for your support agents, complete with training videos and papers.

Set up a bug tracking system to track problems and faults in your program to ensure your consumers have a smooth experience.

Pricing is free for up to 100 tickets a month if you only use the help desk, survey maker, and basic live chat tools. The free plan only includes basic capabilities and excludes advanced features such as saved responses, ticket monitoring, and ticket ratings.

4. Front

The front is an Intercom alternative that allows you to respond to SMS messages, Facebook messages, Twitter direct messages, emails from various customer-facing inboxes, and more from a single dashboard.

Customers will receive speedy responses from the right personnel thanks to prefabricated responses and automatic message routing based on established rules.

Before sending a message, you can collaborate with team members using shared drafts, or you can leave remarks on messages in the shared inbox.

Unlike Intercom, Front charges per team member rather than per the number of individuals reached. If you’re a current Intercom customer, it even interacts with Front, allowing you to reply to Intercom messages from your Front inbox.

5. Help Scout

If you ever need to get going with a help desk and customer messaging right immediately with minimal downtime, Help Scout is a perfect alternative to Intercom. It is easy to get started, and the interface is straightforward, unlike Intercom.

Thread collaboration is something that helps Scout excels. When responding to a customer, many systems, like Intercom, allow you to add notes to replies or @mention a team member.

Help Scout, on the other hand, includes a tool called Traffic Cop. When two team members collaborate on a thread, Traffic Cop makes sure they don’t sabotage each other’s earlier If you send a message to a customer in a thread that another team member is working on, Traffic Cop will hold your response if the other team member has already replied. You’ll have the option to go over your response and amend or discard it as needed.

You can set up auto-replies and divert threads to live agents using Help Scout, depending on keywords and preset rules. You can boost productivity by using canned responses and automated workflows.

When responding to a customer, you’ll be able to see their profile information, app activity, and previous support interactions so you can provide them with more personalized help.

Databases of assistance articles, live chat, and advanced messaging analytics are among the other features.

Help Scout is an excellent alternative to Intercom for small firms, with prices starting at $20 per month for two mailboxes and 25 users, while large enterprises may find the lack of advanced tools, such as chatbots, troublesome.

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