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5 Best Web Form Makers for Creating Online Forms

Did you know that online forms for collecting feedback, contacting your customers, or filling out a sign-up form can help increase conversions, sales and grow your email list?

Even better, online forms for collecting feedback can benefit your marketing strategies by providing you with new ideas on how to improve your website, boost SEO, and drive traffic.

Online forms are the way to go when collecting information from families and clients. These can be used for lead generation, newsletters, order forms, contact forms, survey forms, and much more. However, creating a form is a lot of work.

Don’t you wish there was a tool that will allow you to create an online form without having to write any code at all? You’re in luck! Below are 5 web form makers that will allow you to create an online form with minimal effort yourself.

Web Form Makers for Creating Online Forms

1. EmailMeForm

EmailMeForm is a free online form builder that makes creating web forms as easy as typing up an email. With our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, it’s easy to build a contact form, survey, or registration form. You can create the online form yourself, or if you want a custom design, we’ll help you out.

Every web form created using EmailMeForm is mobile responsive and automatically looks great on any screen size. Plus, all your submissions are stored in one place, making it easy for you to find and manage them.

EmailMeForm gives you all the tools needed to create powerful forms quickly and easily. No coding experience is required!

EmailMeForm also comes with a 14-day free trial. It has more than 300 integrations, including Google Docs and Salesforce.

This provider offers a variety of templates and themes to choose from. If you don’t find one you like, you can create your own using its drag-and-drop editor.

It also allows you to add conditional logic to forms, which means if a user responds a certain way to a question, they are directed to another set of questions.

EmailMeForm allows you to share your form on social media, websites, and blogs. You can even send surveys via email or export them as PDF documents.

2. Formstack

Formstack is a form and data collection platform that allows you to create forms and collect data. It includes features such as reporting and analytics, form design, collaboration tools, and other features that make it easier for you to create professional-looking forms in just a few minutes.

Formstack offers a free plan that allows you to collect up to 500 submissions per month. This is the perfect option for new businesses that want to get started with online forms. One of the best things about Formstack is its easy-to-use drag and drop editor, which makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful forms in just a few minutes.

Forms can be shared via email or social media or embedded on your website or blog. You can also share them as a link or QR code. The free plan limits forms to 10 fields and there are ads on the form that can’t be removed unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

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3. Wufoo

Wufoo is one of the best web form makers on the market. It allows you to create simple or complex forms, manage submissions, and generate reports and charts. And it all happens in a browser without any coding or technical skills.

The tool offers templates for a wide range of scenarios: contact forms, job applications, signup sheets, event registrations, surveys, customer feedback, and more. You can use these as-is or customize them to your personal needs.

Wufoo supports dropdown lists, captcha protection, file uploads up to 1 GB per file (that’s huge!), text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more. It also allows you to collect payments through PayPal and Stripe.

All form entries are stored in Wufoo’s online database that you can access at any time via your account. The tool also offers an easy-to-use API that lets you integrate the data with third-party apps like Salesforce or MailChimp.

4. Google Forms

Google Forms is Google’s web-based form maker. It’s free, it’s simple to use, it works with other Google services, and it’s great for work or home.

If you are a Google user (and if you’re not, why aren’t you?), you automatically have access to Google Forms. Just head over to the Google Form homepage and sign in with your Gmail account.

Google Forms is integrated with other G Suite apps like Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive, and more. The data from your forms can be automatically exported into a spreadsheet for further analysis and charting.

Google Forms is an easy-to-use online survey tool that lets you quickly create surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and much more. And all for free! With the help of Google Forms, you can create and send forms in just a couple of minutes. This tool will help you get answers from your customers and even give feedback to your employees.

5. AidaForm

AidaForm is a web form maker that helps to create custom forms for websites and landing pages. You can use it to create registration forms, surveys, questionnaires, contact forms, feedback forms, etc.

The main advantage of AidaForm is that you don’t need to have any coding skills or programming knowledge to create a web form with this tool. It has a drag&drop builder that allows editing text, adding images and videos, changing colors and fonts, and more.

AidaForm offers over 50 templates for different types of forms such as contact forms, signup forms, registration forms, payment forms (for PayPal), order forms (for restaurants), lead capture (for real estate agents), and more.

There’s also the possibility to integrate your form with Google Sheets, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, GetResponse, and other services you might be using. In addition to that, there are options for file uploads and CAPTCHA protection from spam submissions.

In Conclusion

If you need a way to make web forms, then a web form maker is the solution for you. Because each of these web form makers includes unique features and benefits and will help you create your online forms on your website with ease. You can also use some of these platforms to create unique downloadable mobile forms for your business.