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How to Connect Your Domain to Wix: A Step-A-Step Guide

A domain to call your own. Only yours! What seemed like an expensive desire, almost unattainable for many, is now more accessible than it seems: connecting your domain.com.br through Wix.

How is the Wix domain?

Being exclusive and having a unique, enviable appearance, in the way that your brand or professional identity has always asked for, is already a reality in the Wix universe.

The Wix domain is simple to operate: just connect it to your website. But be aware that this advantage requires a bond with the Israeli giant.

How to use your domain on Wix

  • Advantages of having your domain

In postmodern times like ours, having a website with its domain is more than a personalized and exclusive strategy, it is a matter of brand credibility.

As the domain is the virtual address of your company/brand/identity in which internet users access the content of your website, there is nothing more coherent than making this path as personalized as possible.

This care then leads to a necessary advantage: the semiotic association necessary to consolidate the brand and stay alive in the market.

  • Disadvantages of buying a domain through Wix

Who would have thought that having your domain through Wix could bring any disadvantages, right? But it does and, ironically, costs money.

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To connect your domain for free, you need to upgrade your plan to Premium. This bold step lasts for a year, after which you have to pay.

How to connect your domain to Wix

Wix offers its Premium Plan as an entry ticket to all the facilities that a website with its domain brings. When you upgrade to this plan, any domain can be connected, even if purchased at another hosting company. There is so much opportunity to transfer about connecting your domain by Wix. For the latter, there are two choices: via name servers and through appointment.

How to configure your domain to point to Wix

Setting up your domain requires a DNS record, which is nothing more than the domain name in the system. The DNS records must be correctly added to your domain host to connect your Wix site.

Note: The IP address will only be added if your domain registration provider requires it. Tip: You can do a DNS lookup on whatsmydns to check the DNS that is being propagated by its domain.

In Conclusion

Wix has become a worldwide reference when it comes to website creation. In addition to being free, several layouts and template options are as close as possible to the customer’s taste.

But when it comes to developing a website with its domain, other procedures are involved. Research before opting for the free Wix domain, after all, it’s a free domain that only goes to page 2.